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1/23 NXT UK TV REPORT: Travis Banks vs. The Brian Kendrick, Ligero vs. Jordan Devlin, Dragoniv vs. Morrell

1/23 NXT UK TV REPORT: Travis Banks vs. The Brian Kendrick, Ligero vs. Jordan Devlin, Dragoniv vs

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NXT UK TV REPORT (Episode 79)
JANUARY 23, 2020

Commentators: Tom Phillips, Aiden English

NOTE: Killer Kelly vs. Jazzy Gabert was advertised last week for this weeks episode, but was not on the show with no reason given.

-Scala and Saint wait in the ring as Imperium enters. The two figureheads present Walter with the new NXT championship title belt. Walter said that he was happy to have a new title that wasn’t “polluted” by Bate or Dunne. He promised to give the title the respect that it deserves. Imperium went on to talk about how they will defeat Undisputed Era at Worlds Collide.

(1)  LIGERO vs. JORDAN DEVLIN – Cruiserweight Title Match Qualifier for “Worlds Collide”

Before the bell, Devlin grabbed Ligero’s horn and Ligero pushed him to the mat. When the bell rang, Ligero went right for the attack, tossing Devlin around and getting a quick pinfall attempt. A second one occurred right afterwards when Ligero tossed him from his shoulders. Devlin with a urinagi and standing moonsault. Banks finally took off his jacket while stepping on Ligero’s mask. Devlin kept him grounded until Ligero countered out and tossed him into the ropes and onto the floor. Devlin pulled Ligero outside and the two batted on and around the apron.

Devlin rolled Ligero back in and gave him a belly to back suplex for a one count. Devlin then tossed him around the ring and working Ligero’s arm. He mocked Ligero as he kicked him around the mat and shoving his foot in his face in the corners. Ligero rolled out for a rest as Devlin and the crowd yelled at each other. Ligero rolled back in and Devlin got a quick two. He then wrenched Ligero’s arm and digging his elbow into his back. Ligero hulked back up and connected with a jawbreaker. He got a couple of kicks in and turned the match around again. Ligero with a two count after a stunner from the ropes. Back to their feet, Devlin hit a Spanish Fly for a pinfall and kickout.

Both were showing wear at this point and Devlin went up to the top turnbuckle. Ligero grabbed him into an electric chair position that Devlin escaped from. However, Ligero got his retribution from the back shot from earlier in the match and dug a beautiful elbow right into Devlin’s back. Devlin would go up to the top again. Ligero put his boots up but Devlin avoid them, went to tie Ligero’s legs up, but he countered with a roll up for two. Devlin then got a two but his feet were on the ropes. Ligero then rolled up for another two. Ligero went to the top this time with a frog splash and cover. Two count.

Ligero laid in a bunch of chops and the two hit some moves using the ropes as springboards. Devlin would hit a Devlin side for the three.

WINNER: Jordan Devlin via pinfall @ 11:01

(Koenig’s Analysis: A fine match. Both competitors are world class but Ligero was used to shine up Devlin a bit and put him over. I’ve said it before that Devlin is one of the best heels in wrestling. He’s so unlikeable that you actually want to see the face beat him up. An art that is going away.)

– Radzy backstage interviewing Kay Lee Ray about her match with Mia Yim. She said that Yim will be “another statistic” as she just beat Niven and Storm at Takeover. As he was concluding the interview, Imperium interrupted and said that he should be interviewing wrestlers that people want to see… like them. Andrews & Webster intrerrupted them and made fun of tImperium for not winning tag team gold.

– Eddie Dennis will speaks out next week.

– Royal Rumble commercial

– Video with Finn Balor discussing his upcoming match with Dragunov. (Another case of NXT doing wonderful videos like this. Simple and effective.)


Dragunov put Morrell to the mat early and worked his arm. They hit the ropes a bit but this was one sided. They spent some time hitting the ropes until Dragunov kicked him in the face. Morrell got some uppercuts in and went to the top. He corkscrewed over Dragunov. Dragunov throat chopped him and hit a standing senton. A knee in the face and a clothesline to Morrell followed by a Tornado Moscow for the win.

WINNER: Dragunov via pinfall at 2:19.

– After the match, Dragunov went on to attempt to talk about Balor before being interrupted by Gallus. Joe Coffey wanted to talk to Dragunov. He said that he lost at Takeover and let his team down. He said that he appreciated the help at Takeover from Dragunov but still doesn’t run with Gallus. He seemed to wish Dragunov luck in his match with Balor but had to deal with him when he got back because he was in part to blame for Coffey’s loss at Takeover.

(Koenig’s Analysis: A squash match. Morrell was green as grass. It again displayed the deceptive strength of Dragunov).

– Aichner, Wolfe and Barthel are shown knocking on management’s door. Scala and Saint come out and requested a match against Andrews & Webster. They agreed but made it a six-man tag match for next week. The three members of Imperium against Andrews & Webster, who get to choose a partner.

– The Hunt vs. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch next week.

– Imperium vs. Andrews & Webster and mystery partner next week.


After a stare down, Kendrick struck and the two went at it. They went to the mat quickly and did some fast, impressive legwork with Banks getting a near pinfall. Kendrick went to he rope to take in what just happened. Banks attacked and kept Kendrick down in and out of the ring. He slapped Kendrick around a bit outside and rolled him back in and went for a pin immediately. Kendrick kicked out. Banks kept Kendrick in an arm lock that he eventually countered in the corner. Banks then tossed him out of the ring and threw Kendrick into the stairs. Kendrick forced Banks hand against the ring and slammed the steps into them. As Banks writhed in agony, Kendrick did more work on the fingers outside the ring. back in the ring, Kendrick became relentless on Banks hand and arm, cranking Banks’ arm around his own back. Kendrick taunted the crowd and Banks started to catch his second wind using his good arm. Kendrick ran at him from one corner to the other other, but Banks swept his leg and Kendrick’s face hit the turnbuckle. Banks capitalized with several dropkicks and a cannonball. Kendrick went outside and Banks launched onto him through the ropes. Kendrick went back in the ring as Banks went to the top rope and landed a dropkick followed by a double stomp and near pinfall. The crowd started having split chants at this point. They ran the ropes and Banks landed a Kiwi Crusher. Kendrick rolled out after. Banks went to fly at him again but with met with a fist. Kendrick suplexed him outside of the ring and dragged Banks to the top of the ramp so he would get counted out. Kendrick ran back in as Banks dragged himself back to the ring, being met immediately with a Captains Hook. Banks countered out with some strikes. Banks went for a Kiwi Crusher that was countered with Kendrick getting a near pinfall. Kendrick kept working on the hand and landed a sliced bread. Kendrick went for the pin but Banks kicked out at two. When they made it back to their feet, Kendrick would lay in some kicks but Banks made it to the top rope and connected with a slice of heaven and Kiwi Crusher, putting away the WWE veteran.

WINNER: Travis Banks via pinfall @ 12:32

(Koenig’s Analysis: This was an impressive showing for both. I’ve always appreciated Kendrick and was happy to see him return. They are using him well with new talent. He’s impressive still.  Banks has a great move set and is always exciting to watch.)

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