1/30 NXT UK TV REPORT: Imperium vs. Andrews & Webster, Tyson vs. Holland, Lorcan & Burch vs. The Hunt, Samuels vs. Dawn

1/30 NXT UK TV REPORT: Imperium vs. Andrews & Webster, Tyson vs. Holland, Lorcan & Burch vs. The Hunt, Samuels vs

WADE KELLER PODCAST – Post-Rumble & Raw Mailbag w/Greg Parks
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JANUARY 30, 2020

–  Starts with video highlight package on Worlds Collide.


Boar and Oney Lorcan started the match with some arm holds and strength tests. Not a whole lot until Boar tagged in after ramming Lorcan into the corner. Primate jumped right off the top after the tag and came down onto Lorcan. Lorcan tagged in after a failed dropkick attempt by Primate.

Burch went right in to slap Primate before some double teaming. Tag back to Lorcan. The two attempted some more double teaming before Primate countered with some slaps and tagging Boar back in. Lorcan stopped Boar with a strong slap while he was running towards Lorcan. Tag to Burch and a quick failed cover after a double suplex on Boar. Another tag to Lorcan, who wrenched Boar in an abdominal stretch in the middle of the ring. He broke free and tagged Primate who came in on fire. Both men ran into the ring and Primate tossed them both into opposite corners before ramming his shoulder into both of them. Kickout at two. Primate went for another shoulder into the corner and Lorcan moved just in time, went for the tag, and left Primate in the corner for Burch to pray on. German suplex on Primate and an assisted power bomb before a failed pinfall attempt. More double-teaming ensued before countering an aerial and escaping to tag in Boar. Burch got tagged in as well but was met immediately with a spear. Tag back in to Lorcan after Burch got Boar with a loud headbutt. Tag to Lorcan. Boar missed a splash onto the floor. Primate was legal and in the ring. A double DDT gave Burch and Lorcan the win.

WINNER: Burch & Lorcan via pinfall @ 7:32

(Koenig’s Analysis: Burch and Lorcan haven’t been in the ring together in about a year. Im not saying that there was ring rust, but these to, to me, didn’t have the chemistry. There was a fair amount of double-teaming going on to Primate while Boar was milking a recovery that he could have easily jumped in and helped with. All good wrestlers and a decent match.)

-Toni Storm interviewed back stage and says that Kay Lee Ray is still in her head and that it “has to end” before walking off.

-NXT UK themed WWEShop.com commercial

– Eddie Dennis arrived and showed footage of him tossing at Worlds Collide. Trent Seven out of the ring Trent Seven then came out and said that Dennis is a boring cheater and liar. He requests another match with street fight rules.

– At the performance center, Tyler Bate asks for a match with A-Kid next week as A-Kid has been trying to impress him.

– Smackdown commercial

– Xena, Warrior Princess-like promo for Aoife Valkyrie, who debuts in two weeks.


The two take the match to the ground immediately. Dawn got the first pinfall attempt and upon kickout, she landed a dropkick. She then ran at Samuels in the corner, who moved out of the way, and Dawn sloppily flipped over the ropes onto the mat. Samuels then kicked her to the floor. Outside, Samuels shoved her into the apron and tossed her into the ring for a two-count. Samuels continued to toss Dawn around and then grabbed her in an arm hold that she battled her way out of. Samuels sent her again to the turnbuckle and kneed her in the back. Dawn caught her second win, connected with a belly to back. back and forth ensued as they countered each other. Dawn went to the top for a Meteora and got the pinfall after connecting.

WINNER: Isla Dawn via pinfall @ 5:09

(Koenig’s Analysis: Sloppy. These two are green. No emotional investment here.)

-Post-match WWE.com exclusive interview with Dragunov from Worlds Collide. He says that he learned from it and is focusing on Joe Coffey, who confronted him last week.

-Burch and Lorcan backstage interview with Ratzi declaring that they want to fight Gallus.


This was a brawl from the get-go. The two big men just exchanged blows. Holland got some uppercuts in and T-Bone got some offense in with some knees. Holland with a belly to belly and two count. Holland used his brute strength and T-Bone just took it until he was able to get a suplex in. T-Bone started to show some fire until Holland struck him with a couple of headbutts and an Alabama slam. He finished the match with his “northern grit”.

– Holland via pinfall @ 3:00

(Koenig’s Analysis: A squash match with two powerhouses. They continue to build Holland up. Ive been a fan day one so I look forward to his progress.)

-Bate vs. A-Kid confirmed for next week.

-Trent Seven vs. Eddie Dennis in a Steel- Corner Street Fight next week.

(4) ANDREWS & WEBSTER (w/Mastiff) vs. IMPERIUM (w/o Walter)

Andrews and Barthel start the match with Barthel taking control and bringing it to the mat. Tag to Aichner who would keep him grounded in a reverse arm bar while playing to the crowd. Tag to Flash and a double dropkick to Aichner. Wolfe tagged himself in. They hit the ropes and Flash dropkicked him, landed an inverted senton, and a two-count. Tags made to Mastiff and Aichner. A huge toss to Aichner gave Mastiff another pinfall attempt.

Andrews tagged himself in but got overpowered by Aichner. However, he took down the big man with an impressive head scissors. Tag made to Barthel who got whipped around by Andrews a bit before Flash tagged in. A standing moonsault on Barthel and a two-count. Flash tagged in Mastiff. Mastiff put him up in a huge one-armed standing suplex and a two count. Another tag as Andrews comes in and get flipped by Mastiff onto Barthel for a two-count. Tag again to Flash who gets another near fall. After a solid slap to stun Flash, Aichner got to Wolfe for a tag. Even with the fresh man, Flash single-handedly worked his way around the ring, individually taking out each member of Imperium before being put in a dangerous-looking suplex high on the neck. He was able to kick out at two.

Wolfe went to the opposite corner to taunt the team as the ref checked on Flash from the way he came down. He was obviously good as he came back up and started head butting Wolfe before he tagged in Aichner who played in a heavy chop. Aichner kept Flash away from his team and Imperium tagged in and out to do damage to Flash and his neck.With Barthel as the legal man, he was brought back into the ring and left in the middle so he could tag in Aichner. The two went after Mastiff an Andrews. Flash did what he could on his own but was taken down with a spine buster and a two. Flash was tossed into Imperium’s corner. Aichner charged and Flash flipped over him to tag in Mastiff who cleared house and got a two count on Aichner.  Andrews got the tag in and they double teamed Imperium. They caught Andrews mid air and Aichner held him up in a standing suplex. Andrews countered with a stunner like I’ve never seen, and Mastiff and Webster come back in to help. The obligatory “over the top rope onto the outside team spot” followed (ENOUGH with that already!). Mastiff then threw Wolfe on top of the rest of Imperium from inside of the ring, and then going on to the apron for a flying cannonball. With everyone except Mastiff in the ring, Flash and Andrews went to the top rope to finish off Imperium. Walter came running down and attacked Mastiff from behind. The distraction allowed Imperium to knock down the others. Aichner grabbed Andrews for a spine buster and the win. Imperium stood tall and proud in the middle of the ring. The show closed with Imperium and the beaten trio eyeing each other.

WINNERS: Imperium.

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