2/12 NXT ON USA REPORT: Wells’s report on Lio Rush vs. Angel Garza, Velveteen Dream’s next move, TakeOver: Portland finishing touches

2/12 NXT ON USA REPORT: Wells’s report on Lio Rush vs

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FEBRUARY 12, 2020

Announcers: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, Beth Phoenix


-Highlights from last week played, ending with Velveteen Dream’s return.

-Mauro Ranallo teed up the show by announcing Adam Cole vs. Kushida (non-title) and Johnny Gargano vs. Cameron Grimes for later in the show. Nice.

-Roderick Strong ran to the ring. He said this isn’t about The Undisputed Era. It’s not even about a championship. It’s about Velveteen Dream putting his wife and son’s face on his gear last week. He knew it wouldn’t take long for Dream to make it personal. He says he’s going to hurt Dream. He demanded an apology.

Bronson Reed’s music played. He said he’s got a problem with him as well. He ran to the ring and Drake Wuertz called for the bell.


Reed came out on fire with punches and elbows. Elbow drop in the center of the ring. Roddy threw a kick and some punches to fight Reed off. To the corner, big chop by Roddy. Reed took Roddy to the opposite corner and threw a chop, but Roddy’s chops, as always, were more effective as he returned fire. To another corner, Roddy ran right into a side slam by Reed. Reed pulled Roddy’s shirt up over his face and beat him around the ring.

Roddy got the shirt off, used it to distract Reed and threw some forearms. Reed fought out of the corner with a hard right and fish-hooked Roddy for a moment. Splash in the corner. Roddy fell and Reed hit an axhandle. Irish whip by Reed and another axhandle on the back. Irish whip to the opposite corner and Reed got a short two. Reed went for a waistlock to keep Roddy grounded. Roddy manipulated some digits to free himself and throw a chop, but he ran into a hard elbow. Delayed suplex by Reed. Uh, very delayed, and it was more of a brainbuster. Roddy bailed but Reed came off the apron with an elbow heading into split-screen commercial.

Back to full screen, Reed hit a suplex to get out of a heat sequence. Both guys sold a bit and then exchanged forearms. Reed’s power won out and he took down Strong. Elbows took down Strong repeatedly. Corner clothesline. Splash for two. Roddy blocked a suplex but got caught in a fireman’s carry. Reed draped Roddy on the ropes, then hit a hard lariat for two. Powerslam and senton by Reed. Reed pulled down the straps on his singlet, fired up, and went high. Roddy charged him and followed. Step-up enzuigiri by Roddy, followed by a second-rope suplex. Roddy covered for two.

Reed bailed and Roddy hit a wrecking ball dropkick. The lights went purple and Roddy looked up the ramp for Velveteen Dream, who wasn’t there. Reed hit a tope and rolled Roddy in. Reed went up for a frog splash, but Roddy recovered and hit a jumping knee on the flying Reed for the win.

WINNER: Roderick Strong at 14:02.

Velveteen Dream appeared on the screen. He was wearing the “CALL ME UP MARINA” pants again. He asked – what if someone took something from you? You lost the North American Championship, but you still have a family. What if something happened to you? “If anything ever happens to you, someone…somewhere…will fulfill all of Marina’s dreams.” The camera went down and showed Dream’s gear, with Dream, Marina and Roddy’s son all together. Roddy charged up the ramp.

-Earlier, Broserweights stood outside in front of their Dusty Classic cup. Riddle wanted to go on a road trip. They had the giant cup standing in the back seat. Pete Dunne was driving, and was on the European side of the road, so hey got pulled over. They had a conversation about how to get to Portland. To be continued…

(Wells’s Analysis: Interesting to see Bronson Reed in such a prime spot, opening the show. The match was okay, and I thought maybe NXT could have its cake and eat it too by having the distraction lead to a Reed win. He’ll have to wait for that, but the Dream-Roddy feud continues to sizzle. As I look at the Riddle-Dunne business on the page, I think it shouldn’t work as well as it does, but they still haven’t crossed the line into being too silly. I suspect we’ll see more of this act as NXT continues to attack the younger demographic)

-Cathy Kelley spoke with Angel Garza about his upcoming match with Lio Rush for top contendership of the Cruiserweight Championship. Angel said he never lost that championship. Rush showed up and said the guy Garza beat isn’t the same guy as a couple of months ago, so whether Garza likes it or not, he’s getting his championship back.


Kai had new gear that said “Cap Kota” with a jersey over it with Yankee pinstripes. Kai ran into a lungblower immediately, but backed up. Face wash by Kai in the corner. Action spilled outside and LeRae hit two topes. “One more time,” Full Sail asked, and Candice obliged. And there’s a fourth. Candice rolled Kai back in and went up. Missile dropkick for two. Kai suckered LeRae to the ropes and choked her on one. To the corner, Kai leaned on LeRae with a boot. Kai charged into an elbow in the corner. LeRae went up but Kai followed. They were on opposite sides of the turnbuckles at the top until Kai was dumped to the apron, but Kai hit a high kick to drop LeRae. Kai dragged Candice in for a short two count.

On the apron, Kai stomped LeRae. She went for a face wash but LeRae moved and Kai hit the post. Kai yanked Candice into the turnbuckle and Candice spilled to the ground leading to commercial. Candice was bleeding to a decent degree from the nose, seemingly as a result of the last spot.

Back to TV, Candice hit a bulldog from the top rope. The blood had been completely cleaned up. Pumphandle German suplex by Candice. She put on the Gargano Escape and Kai made her way to the ropes. LeRae rolled her back but Kai was able to roll up LeRae for the quick victory.

WINNER: Dakota Kai at 9:31.

Candice LeRae went out after Dakota, but Dakota grabbed the ring bell and beat down Candice with it until Tegan Nox flew in out of nowhere and went after Dakota until a gaggle of officials broke them up. “Let them fight” chant.

(Wells’s Analysis: There was so little time after return from commercial that it seemed like the commercial was only called because of the blood. The match was fine, but Kai doesn’t have any dominant victories since the turn. This was kind of a lucky roll-up, which is occasionally fine for a heel, but right now Kai seems like a badass who can’t win in a badass way)

-This Sunday at a live event, Johnny Gargano and Cameron Grimes had a tiff backstage. They’re up next.

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