My first time. – The Champ.

Well, well, well. Here we go!

I am looking forward to writing about what is going on in my mind about Wrestling in the present day. There is a Renaissance right now, finally after what can only be described as a ‘boring, PG, one brand, long drawn out, nightmare period’ in the previous 5/6 years. We struggled with Anonymous Raw GM computers, and weekly guest Raw GMs, with The Miz as the main heel against Yawn Cena for a while. *I struggle to remember.

Another reason why I struggle to remember is because of the amount of WWE Wrestling that is going on right now and for the last 12 months. Its every day. My Fear is that Big Dave will want us to cover it all every show, and I’ll be like ‘Nuh! Its too much.’ However one thing is for sure, Big Daves and The Champs passion for Wrestling is strong, and hopefully gain your interest in what we think about certain areas of the entertainment which is Wrestling.

I’m a fan of Indy Wrestling because it is more adult orientated, with more risks and harder hits. However I do like seeing stars come from the Indies and brought to the main stage.

I used to like Impact, I met Dixie Carter once, very briefly in Cardiff. But until they get out of that studio with terrible crowds I struggle to enjoy.

As this is a test, Big Dave, Is this well written or do you instantly regret ever starting this with myself?

All the love,

The Champ