Braun Strowman out 4-8 weeks with shoulder injury.

Reports have been circulating that Braun Strowman will be out of action indefinitely for at least 4 – 8 weeks due to a shoulder injury.

After this weeks RAW taping Strowman will be off television for up to 2 months while he undergoes a minor procedure to fix some issues with his elbow. Which was clearly in a sling on RAW.

Usually WWE will play on an injury and get superstars to really play up to the injury but having a monster like Strowman “play” to an injury wouldn’t really look good for the beast among men.

But to be fair to the WWE, they made Strowman look strong on RAW when he fought Kalisto with the whole “I’ll beat with 1 arm” gimmick.

With Braun having such a big push at the moment, this injury shouldn’t damage his image or credibility as the new “Giant” of the WWE. In fact I think this will help with his push as him being absent on RAW for the next few weeks will make fans want to see him even more.

We hope you have a quick and easy recovery, Mr. Strowman.

Big Dave Sig

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