Analyzing Alexa Bliss as RAW Woman Champion

Alexa Bliss… the small but toughest break out WWE Woman’s wrestling superstar of the past 2 years! And now she’s WWE RAW’s Woman’s Champion and there’s so much more to come!

The Debut

After making her debut in the WWE in NXT, Alexa moved quickly through the ranks of NXT’s Woman’s division. However, while she was developing herself into the Alexa Bliss we all know today, she never actually won the NXT Woman’s title.

Although she had a very good run in NXT and had several attempts at winning the NXT Woman’s title, she never did get the job done. But since moving up to Smackdown and now to RAW, she has quickly become the leading WWE Woman’s superstar. She has already become the first woman to win the WWE Smackdown Woman’s title twice and now the first woman to win both the Smackdown and RAW Woman’s title, and this is all within only 1 year on the main WWE roster.

How she doing?

So… is Alexa Bliss good at being at the top? And is she doing a good job leading the pack so to speak at this time? Well, simply put, yes… yes… and more YES!

For most of 2015 – 2016 Charlotte and Sasha stole the show both on TV and PPV alike. But after so many back and forth matches for the RAW Woman’s title, things got a bit a stale. The title changed hands more times that it should have during a year and you’ve got to admit, it was mainly to do with the fact that there was no one else for both woman to fight at the time.

But while that was happening on RAW, on Smackdown Alexa Bliss was becoming a 2-time Smackdown Woman’s Champion and 2017 has now seen Alexa Bliss sitting on top of the mountain. Not bad at all for someone who was only signed by the WWE back in May 2013.

Looking to the future

Three years on from signing a WWE contract Bliss is a 3-time WWE Woman’s Champion across 2 TV shows and is currently the new face of the WWE Woman’s division!

The only thing I hope they don’t do going forward with Alexa Bliss is to have her win and lose the RAW Woman’s title 5 times in the next year. Apart from that, Bliss’s future in the WWE looks very strong! And has the ability to be the top woman’s wrestling superstar in the WWE for a very long time.

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