Worst MITB Contract Cash in ever?

What have WWE done!?

This week on WWE Smackdown Live Baron Corbin cashed in his Money in the Bank contract with tragic results… could this be the worst cash in attempt ever?

So what exactly happened?

So as the main event of Smackdown Live this week was coming to an end, Baron Corbin would interfere.

The main event match up was between John Cena and Jinder Mahal. The match itself was a pretty good one and it looked like Cena was about to pick up the win with the STF submission.

Corbin then runs down and breaks things up thus the match ending in a DQ. Corbin takes out Cena with his MITB briefcase then goes to leave. But he changes his mind when he see’s that Mahal is still down in the ring.

This is where it all goes wrong…

Corbin goes back into the ring, makes the referee cash in his title opportunity! Fans are going nuts, NEW WWE CHAMP ABOUT TO BE CROWNED!!!

Then… as the bell rings, Cena distracts Corbin and Mahal rolls him with for a 3 count. And that was that.

Corbin was left going crazy angry at ringside, as would you if you’d just lost your biggest opportunity EVER to win the biggest prize in wrestling.

Where does this leave Corbin?

So Corbin’s biggest draw as of late was the fact that he was the MITB contract holder. He went through hell to get it and now he’s cashed it in to LOSE his cash in match.

In my opinion is was the worst thing WWE could of done to Corbin. Not everyone likes the guy but he is an impressive wrestler and a pretty good heel character. His cash in was completely WASTED on Smackdown this week and has now gone down in the history books as the worse cash in to date.

I am not sure where Corbin can go from here. Yes he’s got a match with Cena at Summerslam, where he can some revenge for what has happened but what then? I hope they find a way to keep him in the WWE title picture and use him the right way, not just throw him to the curb and let him become just another dead end heel “jobber”. Peace out.

Big Dave Sig