Big changes to TLC and a HUGE return!

WWE are forced to make some big changes to TLC

After an unfortunate turn of events in the WWE universe, the WWE have had to make some major changes to the TLC PPV and one of which is will see a HUGE Legend of a Superstar make a return!

A Legend Returns!

So after a series of medical issues with a few major WWE Superstars, reports are coming in that there’s an outbreak of mumps? Nothing confirmed though.

The WWE have been forced to change up the TLC PPV matches, One HUGE announcement was that RAW GM and wrestling legend Kurt Angle is going to make his return to a WWE ring and compete in the TLC main event!!

Angle will be replacing Roman Reigns and teaming up with the other Shield members Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to take on 5 other men in the main event!

This is a major return that although it will be amazing to see Kurt Angle to be back in a WWE ring, many fans have voiced their opinions about how it’s not the best time for Angle to make his return. Not because of the situation but it’s more to do with the fact that TLC isn’t a major WWE PPV and I think many fans would want Angle to return at say the Royal Rumble or Wrestemania, as there big PPV’s on the WWE calendar.

But this is happening now so we all just need to accept it and embrace Kurt Angles triumphant return to a WWE ring after more than 10 years!!

The Demon takes on Styles!

Another major change to TLC was the fact that AJ Styles will now replace Bray Wyatt in the match against Finn Balor’s alternate ego, The Demon King!

Again, from reports online this stems from the medical issues that have been occuring. And so WWE have replaced Wyatt with Styles for the match, which is awesome!

But it does feel like TLC is just becoming a “one off” thing now with the PPV matches not really meaning anything to storylines currently in place. But shit happens and sometimes choices have to be made to determine “What’s best for business”.

Final thoughts

Although these chances are a bit strange, there pretty bold decisions by WWE. Especially the decision to have Angle make his massive in-ring return in the WWE but  certain situations call for drastic actions and that’s exactly what WWE have done. As the saying goes, “Go big or go home!”

I think TLC will still be an awesome PPV, even with the changes at hand. So I think we should all embrace it and just enjoy what’s to come! Peace out!

Big Dave Sig