A Night of Champions!

Elimination Chamber wasn’t a very big priority Pay Per View and most WWE fans didn’t expect much from it… but oh we were all so wrong!!

The night started with the Woman’s Chamber match, which was a fantastic match up with some big bumps, epic spots and Nia even crashed through one of the chamber sides!

In the end though, it was the “Hug & Boss Connection” that came out on top and became the very first WWE Woman’s Tag Champions in history! So that was a brilliant way to start the PPV!


From there the show just got better! The USO’s became 6 time Tag Team Champs after beating the Miz and Mac team. Balor beat Lashley and Rush to capture his first Intercontinental title and the Men’s Elimination Chamber match was out of this world!

The Men’s Chamber match was the main event and what a main event it was! The match itself had big bumps and awesome spots but when it got down to the final two men. Which happened to be Kofi and Bryan, that’s when things went up a gear!

The one on one ending to the Chamber match that Bryan and Kofi put on was glorious! Neither men wanted to give up! Finisher after finisher, spot after spot, bump after bump! Kofi stayed alive! The crowd were chanting for Kofi to win and I was on the edge of seat!

Just as you thought it was over… HE KICKED OUT!!

It was a fantastic main event that ended with Bryan ultimitely retaining the title but only by the skin of his green, goat face teeth!!

Kofi showed the world and his peers that he deserves to be the WWE Champion and I am positive that it will happen at some point in the future!

If you haven’t watched the PPV yet, GO WATCH IT! You will not be disappointed!

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Author: bigdai86