Becky 3:16! – Why Becky Lynch has become the new Stone Cold!

It’s hard to imagine that at last years Wrestlemania, Becky “The Man” Lynch was the first entrant in the “First Ever” Woman’s Battle Royal at the show of the immortals.

A Battle Royal that wasn’t the best match and it was far from the usual standard we have come to respect the woman of the WWE for. The match was just a way of showing off and including all the woman who weren’t actually booked on the Wrestlemania card.

And Becky was one of the worst bookings for that match, yes she was first and yes she did half decent but it was nothing special. Not like Charlotte Flair retaining her Smackdown Live Woman’s title against an undefeated Asuka. That was a very good match… but…

Here we are, it’s March 2019, more or less a year on from said Battle Royal and Becky Lynch is currently the BIGGEST and HOTTEST, wrestler and superstar in the WWE!

It’s incredible to think that only 12 months previous, “The Man” wasn’t even a “thing”. Now she’s a complete bad ass and had a fantastic Smackdown Woman’s title run in between!

Becky Lynch has transformed her character from “Irish Lass” to “Irish Bad ass!” and it has been one of the best things to watch over the past year. Becky has truly become “The Man” and the new female version of Stone Cold Steve Austin. All she needs now is a 3:16 T-shirt and the transformation will be complete! (And may be a bald head? lol)

So how has Becky become “The Man”. Well it’s simple, the fans LOVE HER! Becky being a complete asshole started off as a heel turn but it back fired and fans cheered for Lynch! They loved the fact that she was standing up for what she believed in and didn’t give a monkey’s who she told to shove something up their arse!

And she did it soooo well! She suits this new Becky! Her character is exactly what WWE needed, not only in the woman’s division but for the company as a whole. It’s fresh, it’s hot, it’s awesome!!

And now, to finish off a fantastic climb to the top, Becky needs to win at Wrestlemania and become the RAW Woman’s Champion! By defeating Rhonda and Flair, she will cement herself as “The Man” and that’s the bottom line, cause’ Becky Lynch said so!!!

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Author: bigdai86