Becky the B***h! KO to become a Paul Heyman Guy?!

Kevin Owens’ “time off”

On RAW this past week, we saw an outstanding match up between KO and Seth Rollins in an open challenge that KO answered from Seth. The match up was PPV quality and could be a contender for match of the year it was that good!

KO did his best to topple Rollins and leave Toronto with the win and the Intercontinental Championship in hand, he even hit a STUNNER at one point!? Amazing! View the match below:

But unfortunately after missing an impressive flip moonsault from the top rope, Owens got hit by a Curb Stomp and that was that. After the match however, we see KO sitting in the ring looking pissed off and fed up. In his anger and frustration at his current circumstances he quits! Ring in the middle of the ring.

Now obviously, this is an angle and since it happened there has been a lot of speculation going around that KO was just taking a much needed break or that he was taking time off to lose a few pounds. But the main rumor that has been going around is that he is going to come back as the next Paul Heyman Guy!

What would this do for KO?

Being a Paul Heyman Guy would be absolutely awesome for Owens. Can you imagine the promos these two could pull together?! Heyman is a genius at getting people over and is the main reason “The Beast” is still around today!

With Heyman by Owens’ side he could easily be back in the Universal title picture very soon. He could even have his “Wrestlemania Moment” under Heyman’s guidance. I think putting these two together would be brilliant TV and would benefit both persons. Heyman gets a new guy while Lesnar is off fighting in UFC and KO’s careers gets elevated sky high! It’s a WIN WIN!!

Becky the Bitch!

So on this weeks Smackdown things got VERY heated between Becky and Charlotte. We all know what happened so no need to go into it, the only part we all cared about was Becky’s “I’m taking my title back you BITCH!” comment to a groggy Charlotte Flair, whilst holding the Smackdown Woman’s title.

WWE are really trying to get Becky over as a heel aren’t they! So much that there stretching the “PG” narrative with swear words. Now “Bitch” isn’t the worst thing she could of said… obviously! But I thought it worked well and really conveyed how much hate and anger she has towards Flair at this point in time.

Going forward I think this while be a very intense feud and will ultimately end with Becky claiming the gold she desperately wants again. It’s a brilliant story line and I would say it’s one of the best going on at the moment. That and The AJ vs Joe feud. Surprisingly some of the best feuds going on right now are on the “B” show… RAW really needs to step up it’s GAME!

Until next time, Peace! – BD

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