Cena to possibly miss Rumble due to injury

It has been confirmed by WWE.com that Cena suffered an ankle injury on last Monday’s RAW.

WWE.com have stated that during the Fatal Four Way match up with Balor, Mcintyre and Corbin, Cena hurt is ankle.

Cena has said to have worsened the ankle after doing leg presses in the gym over the weekend.

Does this mean Cena will miss the rumble? At the moment, we’re not sure. But knowing Cena if if his ankle is playing up, he’ll still turn up to compete in the Rumble.

Cena has been mentioning another title run as the top champion in the WWE. And if he did manage to become a World Champion one more time, he would go down in the history books as the only wrestler to be a 17 times world champion.

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