Does Kofi Kingston deserve to be a WWE World Champion?

Everyone is talking about Kofi Kingston’s 60 minute gauntlet performance from this past Tuesday’s Smackdown Live.

After Mustafa Ali announced that he is unable to compete in the Elimination Chamber match at this Sunday’s PPV, due to injury. A member of The New Day stepped up to take Ali’S spot in the cage. Which ended up being Kofi.

Singles Career

Kofi has been part of The New Day faction for a number of years now and all 3 men have seen success as part of the trio act. They’be become 5 time WWE tag team champions because they work so well together, but Kofi did have a very good run as a singles competitior before joining the now famous faction.

He become the 4 time Intercontinental Champion and a 3 time United States Champion during his singles career in the WWE. And although as part of the New Day, he has won the tag titles 5 times, he is actually an 8 time tag team Champion, having won the titles on 3 occasions before joining the faction.

So it was nice to see Kofi, kind of get a push on Smackdown Live this week. Having Kofi beat the likes of Jeff Hardy, Joe and the current WWE champion Daniel Bryan during the gauntlet match was an amazing thing to see!

Kofi really did stay in the match up and where many would of failed, Kofi bounced back several times to pick up the pin fall!

When Kofi’s amazing run eventually came to an end, at the hands of AJ Styles. Kofi left the arena with Big E and Woods, with a clapping and cheering crowd of fans. Who were showing the ultimate respect for the 60 minute performance Kofi just delivered!

To Conclude

After the incredible performance Kofi gave us on Smackdown this week, I have very high hopes for this Sunday’s Chamber match!

Does Kofi deserve to be Champ?! Most definitely! Will he become Champion? Probably not this time… but you never know!

One thing is definitely for sure, you can expect an amazing show from Mr. Kingston in the Chamber!

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Author: bigdai86