Hell in a Cell – Worst PPV Ending Ever?!

Hell in a Cell Recap

One word… shocking. Both in context of what happened in the Orton vs Hardy match with the screw driver and in how the PPV ended. I mean, WHY?!

General Recap

Over all the PPV itself was actually a decent PPV right up until the main title matches. Orton and Jeff opened the show with an amazing Hell in a Cell match worthy of the standards we’d expect from such a match. It even ended with an insane bump from Hardy dangling from the top of the Cell and then crashing face first throw a table! OUCH!

The tag team title match with Rollins & Ambrose vs Zigs and Drew was awesome. Brilliant match up for a tag match and I’d even say it was the match of the night. All four men have great in ring chemistry together and it showed during the match up. Definitely main event status! The Smackdown tag team title match was on the pre-show and was also a very good match up! I’m sure we shall be seeing Rusev Day vs The New Day again very soon!

The Charlotte vs Lynch match was very good as well, as you’d expect from these two “best friends”. Bliss vs Rowsey was also pretty decent but did go on a little bit.

Main Events

This is where it all goes to shit if I’m honest. AJ vs Joe was a very good match up don’t get me wrong but the ending was like… really?! So AJ tapped out but yet your just dismissing it? AJ is amazing, straight up one of the best wrestlers in the world today but why have him tap when there was no need for it? All this did was prolong the storyline even more. Joe should of won and then they could of continued the feud with AJ chasing the title. I personally thought it ended pretty bad.

The mixed tag match. What can I say? “Botchamania Running Wild” is all I could think of watching it! Maryse really needs to just stay as manager to the Miz. Her days as a wrestler have clearly past her. Not because she’s unfit or because she’s not a mother but simply because she lacks in ring ability, simple as that. This match should never of happened. It made the whole Bryan vs Miz stale and they could of had Miz vs Bryan in a Cell, which would of been a good way to end the saga. Not sure where there going to go after Miz and Mrs getting the win but we shall see on RAW.

The universal title match. Now this match started off very good. And as it went on both men gave it there all and did some good bumps then the “Dogs of War” and the “Hounds” got involved and all four men ended up on top of the Cell fighting. Which although was cool to see and ended in a big bump from Zigs and Rollins through the announcer tables, it did take a lot of attention away from the main match.

Then just as we were going back to the main match again, Lesnar’s music hit and he came down to the ring, put his foot through the Cell door, taking it off it’s hinges and proceeded to F5 both Reigns and Strowman, then left.

Hell in a CellEveryone was in shock but they only got one F5 each, the match will go on! Uh….. NOPE! A new ref runs down (as Foley got pepper sprayed by Heyman) and declares the match over as both men “CAN’T CONTINUE”. I’m sorry,,, WHAT?!

This a HELL IN A CELL match. You’ve just battered the living daylights out of each other with chairs, tables and other foreign objects and then Lesnar comes down and hit’s you both with an F5 and some how you “can’t continue”. Then the PPV ended. Just like that, right there and then. Shocking! This had to of been one of the worst PPV endings in recent memory. To have a 20th anniversary edition of the iconic Hell in a Cell match up end how it did was an embarressment to wrestling fans everywhere and a slap in the face to Mick Foley. Foley got thrown off the the TOP of the Cell and still came back to finish the match. Lesnar hits the F5 ONCE on Reigns and Braun and they can’t continue?!

As the crowd were chanting last night as the PPV went off air. “BULL SHIT!”

Hopefully RAW and Smackdown will end in better fashion this week! Unless Lesnar F5’s everyone at the beginning of the shows… then were all screwed! Peace out! – Big D.

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