Kevin Owens NEEDS to beat Kofi at MITB

Kofi as the current Champion

Kofi Kingston winning the WWE Championship from Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania was what Mania moments are all about!

Kofi beating Bryan and becoming WWE Champion, realising his dreams have come true and celebrating with family and friends in the ring, was one of the best moments from this years Mania.

But… and there’s always a BUT. Kofi shouldn’t stay champion for long.

Here’s why…

The first reason why is a simple one, it doesn’t fit him being champion right now. After him and Seth Rollins both winning at Mania, we currently have two FACE champions. And that simply won’t do!

You need a HEEL champion somewhere. And at the moment the only heel champ is Samoa Joe. But you need more than that, you need a heel WWE Heavyweight Champion. And Kofi simply isn’t a heel and never will be… step in KO.

Kevin Owens for Champ!

Kevin Owens returned to Smackdown Live as a FACE. He was over with the crowd, he just came back of injury and was playing up to the whole “Kofi for Champ” thing.

But now that AJ Styles is on RAW, Smackdown Live is now going to become the KEVIN OWENS SHOW.

KO is a fantastic heel and let’s be honest we were all just waiting for him to screw over the New Day. Which he did perfectly on a recent Smackdown episode. And thus turning back into the glorious heel that KO is and the reason he needs to be WWE Champ!

End game…

Simply put, Rollins is on RAW and is a MASSIVE face. KO is on Smackdown and is a MASSIVE heel. It’s just good wrestling/writing to have a HEEL represent one of the brands as the top champion.

The End Game will be at MITB, where KO will take his place at the top and begin a struggle feud with Kofi, who will try to win the title back.

Having KO as Champion just makes sense… and we all know it! Plus it will make KO another Superstar to win both the Universal and WWE title.

Good luck KO! I’m out!

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Author: bigdai86