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LECLAIR’S AEW DOUBLE OR NOTHING REPORT: Detailed coverage of Moxley vs. Lee, Stadium Stampede, Cody vs. Archer, more

LECLAIR’S AEW DOUBLE OR NOTHING REPORT: Detailed coverage of Moxley vs. Lee, Stadium Stampede, Cody vs


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MAY 23, 2020

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

-The show opened with a video package honoring Memorial Day, as well as a quick tribute to Shad Gaspard. A second package highlighted the shows premier match-ups.

-Excalibur introduced himself, as well as Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross as the camera swept across the ringside area, showing the “crowd” for the show, including Vicki Guerrero.

– Quick backstage promos from each of the competitors in the Casino Ladder Match for a future AEW world title shot. Christopher Daniels represented Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian. Orange Cassidy was flanked by Best Friends.

-Frankie Kazarian headed to the ring first. Dasha explained that a new competitor will enter the match every two minutes. Scorpio Sky headed to the ring next. Ross and Schiavone noted that the match could end before more competitors enter the ring.


Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky began the match by leaving the ring to retrieve ladders. They both quickly thought better of it, returning to the ring and engaging in some quick chain grappling. A giant clock was displayed at the top of the stage, indicating the time remaining before the next entrant.

Sky and Kazarian continued to duck each other’s offense, but eventually ran face first into each other. The timer ran out and Kip Sabian headed to the ring as the next entrant. As he was walking to the ring, Jimmy Havoc attacked Sky and Kazarian from behind with a ladder.  Havoc and Sky double teamed SCU, but Kazarian eventually gave Havoc a German suplex onto a propped ladder in the corner.

On the outside, Kip Sabian climbed a tall ladder in front of a prone Scorpio Sky. Kazarian tried to climb a ladder in the ring. Sabian returned to the ring to fight him off. Darby Allin headed to the ring as the fourth entrant.

Allin quickly took out everyone in the match and began rearranging the barricades at ringside. He bridged a ladder between it and the ring. Kazarian tried to attack, but Darby tossed his skateboard in Frankie’s face.

Darby ascended a ladder and attempted to ollie onto Kazarian. Frankie moved, sending Darby crashing through the ladder. Orange Cassidy entered the fold as entrant five.

Cassidy nonchalantly wandered around the staging area, then went to the announcers desk to ask how to actually win the match. “Tony explained this to you like 200 times,” Excalibur said.

Cassidy made it to the ring with about a minute to spare on the clock. He casually grabbed a ladder and stepped on top of it to try to reach the hanging chip. SCU returned to the ring, but Cassidy sidestepped them both. He finally picked up a ladder, but let it topple over.

Colt Cabana headed to the ring as entrance six. He entered into a discussion with Orange Cassidy, but quickly tossed him from the ring to set up a ladder and climb. Kip Sabian quickly pulled him down. SCU tipped the ladder over, jamming Cabana’s fingers as it closed.

Orange Cassidy approached SCI and delivered some kicks. He hit a double pocket dropkick, then dove onto the pair on the outside.

Joey Janela entered at number seven, running down the ramp and flipping onto anyone left standing. Janela hit the ring and took down Colt Cabana, then climbed a ladder. Frankie Kazarian returned and tossed him out. Kazarian began his ascent, but was quickly cut off with a steel chair to the back from Janela.

Scorpio Sky returned, stole the chair, and cracked it over Janela’s back. Kip Sabian returned and climbed the ladder. He and Kazarian traded climbs, tossing each other off and out of the ring. Luchasaurus entered at number eight.

A collection of wrestlers gathered on the outside of the ring. Luchasaurus grabbed Kip Sabian and power bombed them onto them on the outside. Frankie Kazarian attacked Luchasaurus and received a choke slam onto a ladder.

Darby Allin returned. Tony Schiavone wondered if his leg may be broken. He hit a Code Red off the middle rope onto Luchasaurus, then tried to set up a ladder on one leg. The clock ran out on the final entrant.

Brian Cage came to the ring as the final entrant, accompanied by Taz. Cage hopped in the ring and gave Darby Allin an “F10”, as J.R. called it. He tossed Allin from the ring and set up a ladder. Scorpio Sky tried his luck, but got kicked by Cage and tossed from the ring with a massive release German suplex.

Cage gave Joey Janela a deadlift suplex over the ropes. Frankie Kazarian tried to sneak up a ladder, but Cage ripped him off with a neckbreaker. Cage began to climb, but Orange Cassidy attached himself to Cage’s back.

The other seven wrestlers came to pull Cage and Cassidy down. They succeeded, but barely. A brawl ensued, with everyone working together to take out Brian Cage. SCU worked together to drive a ladder into Cage’s face. The remaining wrestlers dragged Cage outside and tossed him into the ring post. They piled ladders and barricades on top of Cage in an attempt to eliminate him.

Kazarian, Sabian, Cassidy, and Janela retrieved a Double or Nothing chip from the entrance stage and piled it on top of the collection, further burying Cage.

In the ring, Colt Cabana was cut off by Scorpio Sky. Sabian dumped Sky over the top rope, then hit a coast to coast dropkick on Cabana. Kip climbed a ladder, but Kazarian tossed a ladder at his back.

Orange Cassidy clipped Kazarian with a leaping elbow. He climbed quickly, but Sabian met him at the top of the ladder. They traded punches. Cassidy grabbed Sabian’s fingers and bent them back, then tossed Sabian onto a propped ladder. Penelope Ford rushed up the ladder to stop Cassidy, but Cassidy let her fall onto Sabian.

Jimmy Havoc pulled Cassidy off the ladder and choked him with his tie. Best Friends rushed to the ring and took Havoc out. Luchasaurus returned and shoved the ladder over. He grabbed Cassidy by the throat, but Orange fought free. He set him up for a choke slam, which, obviously failed.

Marko Stunt appeared in the ring with a mini ladder. He gave Cassidy an assisted chokes lame with Luchasaurus and the ladder for help. Joey Janela retrieved Stunt’s ladder and slammed Cassidy with it. He gave Cassidy a Death Valley Driver off the apron, onto the pile of rubble on top of Brian Cage.

Janela returned to the ring and set up a ladder. Sky pulled him down and gave him a TKO. Sky climbed the ladder. Kazarian shot up the other side. Luchasaurus knocked them both off, then kicked Colt Cabana off the apron. Suddenly, Brian Cage shot up from under the rubble. He and Luchasaurus traded punches and kicks. Luchasaurus attempted a chokeslam, but Cage flipped through it and gave him a power bomb into a ladder propped in the corner.

Cage set up a ladder. Darby Allin returned, but Cage gave him a massive short arm clothesline and a Drill Claw. Taz returned to the ring and shouted orders at Cage. Cage propped a ladder on the top rope and put Allin on top of it. He military pressed the ladder and Allin and tossed him haphazardly to the outside. Cage climbed the ladder and grabbed the chip.

WINNER: Brian Cage in 31:00

(LeClair’s Analysis: Wow. This was wildly chaotic from the outset. The stakes seemed to raise with each additional entrant, and the debut of Brian Cage was immensely effective. Cage made short work of everyone in the match and looked like an absolute monster. It was only when the entire collection of wrestlers in the match got together were they able to slow down his momentum. This match was designed to really get a single talent over, and it accomplished just that. With that said, as the match progressed, the stunts got bigger and more dangerous. While much of it was well controlled, I was a bit perturbed by the unprotected ladder shots to the head, and the risks taken by Darby Allin. The spot at the end of the match looked downright brutal. Hope Allin is alright.)

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