Sami Zayn = Most Useless RAW wrestler…

The Score…

So… first if your a Sami Zayn fan… I am sorry.

I really do feel sorry for you. I mean seriously, how can anyone like Zayn?!

What in the blue hell has he done lately? (And yes I know he was out for a while with injury) but recently in the last few months since returning.

So Why the hate?

Simply put, what has Sami Zayn actually done lately? Literally NOTHING. He’s wrestled once or twice but he’s mostly come out and uttered some complete gibberish about some random bull crap that no one cares about!

It’s like he’s in a feud with himself? Like what do all these promo’s he’s doing week after week actually accomplishing? NOTHING that’s what…

Before Zayn went out with an injury/surgery, he had and was still in a decent story line with KO (Kevin Owens). Him and KO had one hell of a feud and then went on to be “best friends” with issues, which resulted in some pretty good wrestling and TV.

But since Zayn has been back and now moved to RAW from Smackdown, he hasn’t been doing anything of notice at all. He doesn’t wrestle much, for whatever reason, he comes out and just cuts LONG ass promo’s for no reason other than WWE trying to get him over as a heel.

And that’s it! That’s all he does is run his mouth week after week… to just the WWE audience as well! It’s not like he has any real feud going on!

What now?

So what is next for Zayn? If I am truthfully honest, nothing.

The way I see it as of right now there’s two options WWE and Zayn have.

  1. BYE! – Get rid/leave WWE, maybe go to AEW or Impact?
  2. Actually give Zayn something to do or someone to wrestle!

That’s the only options I can see working for Zayn. Does he go after the US title maybe? He’s certainly not in any kind of position to go after the Universal title!

And so I conclude and stick by my statement, based on the facts above, Sami Zayn = Most Useless Wrestler on RAW!

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Author: bigdai86