Should there be Woman’s Tag Team Titles?

 Woman’s Tag Team Titles, should we them?

So I did a small Twitter poll that lasted 24 hours and got quite a bit of responses of very mixed opinions on the question of “Should there be Woman’s Tag Team Titles on both shows?”.

The response I got was quite surprising. The poll itself ended up being a 64% Yes and 36% No overall score with nearly 200 votes. There were also a number of comments from various wrestling fans with opinions on both answers.

Someone point blankly said “There should not be any woman’s tag titles”, where others mentioned of only having a one pair of woman’s tag belts that would be passed from show to show depending who is holding them. While others just loved the idea.

So should we have them or not?

In my opinion, yes we should and we should have them on both shows. The reason I say this is because at the moment the WWE have a load of very talented woman wrestlers who are all worthy of holding the Woman’s title on their respective show.

But having this pool of woman talent means not everyone gets an opportunity at their shows Woman’s title every week or even every month. So the rest of the woman just have wrestling matches and feuds that end up leading to nothing as there is only 1 title per show.

And when you’ve got the likes of the Riot Squad and the Iconics as tag teams/stables, why don’t we have Woman’s Tag Team titles?! I mean we’ve got the New Day as a 3 man team holding the Smackdown Live titles, so why can’t Riot Squad do the same?

Final thoughts

I really think the WWE need to consider having a Woman’s Tag Team division and have tag team titles for both shows. The graphic I made with a few of the top woman stars at the moment having pink/purple tag team titles works really well! And the fans would eat up the merch on those bad boys! I mean look how well the New Day’s special edition tag team title sold?! It’s a good idea all round and would improve the already amazing Woman’s division even more!

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Author: bigdai86