Smackdown vs RAW!


WWE’s landscape as of late has been very “flat” if you will. Fans are not happy with the product, wrestlers haven’t been happy with the product or company and worst of all… fans are starting to lose faith in the once great WWE

But why?

Well it’s simple really. WWE’s main TV shows RAW and Smackdown Live has been slowly declining ever since Wrestlemania 2019. And to be honest, before Wrestlemania they were having several “bad” shows.

But over the last few months, there has been many rumors and speculation and facts, going around the internet that indicated the WWE was starting to lose talent, fans and much more.

This was all happening due to a various number of things which included things mentioned above but also included the rise of Indy Wrestling brand AEW (All Elite Wrestling).

There first PPV as a company “Double or Nothing” was very impressive and it left fans of WWE and wrestling in general, start to think WWE really was on it’s way down from the “Top Spot”. Where it has sat for like… EVER.

With stars like Jon Moxley aka Dean Ambrose in the WWE, signing with AEW as well as Y2J Chris Jericho and many others all backing this newly formed AEW, why would fans not think something was certainly wrong with WWE?


Then the news hit this week that Vince McMahon has hired Paul Heyman and none other than Eric Bishoff as Managing Directors of RAW and Smackdown respectively.

And this is what we all were waiting for… for WWE to make a SMART decision for a change and CHANGE the landscape from the WWE for REAL. Not just “have a shake up” in the form of a draft… no no, actually MAKE CHANGES to shows!

And who better than wrestling management LEGENDS such as Heyman and Bishoff!? Every wrestling fan, anywhere and everywhere know who these men are and what they are capable of!

As long as Vince really lets these two Legends take creative control over their said shows, WWE will have it’s REDEMPTION!!

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Author: bigdai86