STARRCAST 4 SPOTLIGHT: Unhinged – The Jon Moxley Story

STARRCAST 4 SPOTLIGHT: Unhinged – The Jon Moxley Story

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Ongoing coverage, reviews, and analysis of this weekend’s Starrcast 4 shows and events from Baltimore, MD.

NOVEMBER 8, 2019

Host: Jim Ross

“Produce somebody who can kick my ass, then we’ll talk.”

One of the many newsworthy one liners spouted from the mouth of a relaxed and relatable Jon Moxley during his nearly one hour stage show at Starrcast 4. Jim Ross promised a show environment that would mirror two friends riding down the road in a car and he delivered. Moxley shed any prickly exterior and gave insightful thoughts and commentary on his pro wrestling career.

Ross and Moxley started their road trip in FCW and Moxley was candid about his time working for the WWE developmental brand. He looked back fondly, but also detailed the stress that came with it and not knowing if or when he would be called up to WWE’s main roster. Because of that stress, Moxley said it was hard to fully enjoy what was happening around him at the time. That said, he highlighted notable feuds with William Regal and Seth Rollins as key moments that helped define and prepare him for who he’d become on the main roster.

The Shield was the next topic and one that Moxley clearly appeared passionate about. He discussed his debut with the group and confirmed long rumored reports that the unit was brought in originally to be placed with then WWE Champion, CM Punk. Moxley talked about the creative freedom he had with the Shield as well as the camaraderie that existed between Rollins and Roman Reigns. He discussed the backstage politics surrounding the Shield’s debut and then openly disagreed with Ross when talking about the Shield disbanding. Ross maintained that the Shield had a good six months ahead of them as a group whereas Moxley believed they broke up at the right time since they were still scorching hot and were too strong for any other team to take down. He said taking the team down from the inside was the right call and the timing proved to be correct as well given how good the breakup went over with the WWE audience.

Moxley shifted gears at that point and talked about growing up as a child. He then talked about leaving the WWE. While he wasn’t as detailed in this interview as he was in others regarding the subject, he painted a picture of a performer unhappy within his character and a man unhappy at his workplace. From there, he discussed his tricep injury and the moment he realized he needed to leave WWE. In regards to leaving and in a moment of pure, authentic, openness, Moxley said he was “pissed off” that they were going to make him leave loads of money on the table and that “does everything need to be stupid?”

To finish up, Moxley talked about AEW. He talked about the freedom that comes with being in the company and how much of an influence Tony Kahn was in bringing him into the fold. Moxley jumped into character when discussing Kenny Omega and said his Full Gear match could very well be the most important match of his career to date.

Watching this interview with Jon Moxley forced a comparison to the interview Dean Ambrose gave on the WWE Network with Stone Cold Steve Austin. It’s a tale of two guys. Dean Ambrose was gun shy and anxious about altering the status quo within his company under the guise of a character who was unhinged. Outside of “wondering if you guys would show up for this,” Jon Moxley was comfortable and ready for anything. He kept things clean and tidy during this interview, but the emotional feeling you got watching him onstage told you that things could take a right or left turn at any moment. They didn’t, but they could have, and that’s the idea.


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