The 24/7 Title. WWE’s fun experiment!

Okay, so we all know the newest WWE Championship, the 24/7 Title is basically the Hardcore 24/7 title re-imagined for today’s WWE landscape.

24/7 title
Mick Foley revealing the 24/7 Championship

Since Mick Foley revealed the new 24/7 Championship less than two weeks ago on RAW, its been a pretty fun time for the wrestlers from all over the WWE.

Because like Foley said, the 24/7 Championship can be won by ANY wrestler from ANY of the WWE’s brands. RAW, Smackdown, NXT and 205 Live.

All out fun!

Straight from the get-go on the RAW when Foley revealed it, we had a scramble from various wrestlers, trying to win the title. The first champion was actually Titus O’Neil who then lost it to Robert Roode, who then lost it to R-Truth later in the same night.

Since then R-Truth has been able to keep the title, even though we have had various social media posts from WWE wrestlers trying to find and pin R-Truth throughout the weeks. It is 24/7 after all!

We had a title change this week on Smackdown Live, with Alias pinning R-Truth in a strange situation but ended with R-Truth winning the title back before the night was out. I’ll let you go and watch Smackdown to see exactly what happened.


At first people were moaning that the title looked ugly and that it was a stupid concept that won’t work etc. But the last few weeks have proved that wrong!

Yes, it’s not the best looking title ever… but who cares! It makes for some fun viewing on nearly every WWE show! And with social media a massive part of society and the world in general these days, I think the WWE and it’s wrestlers can do some very creative things with the 24/7 title and have fun while doing it!

So well done WWE for running this experiment, that I think will continue for years to come! 24/7 RULES ARE AWESOME!!

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Author: bigdai86