The Deadman has Risen!

Deadman Cometh!

At Extreme Rules 2019, there was a number of things going on storyline wise, wrestling wise and championships wise… oh and Lesnar cashed in and became Universal Champ… again!

But for me, the very first match of the night. The No Holds Barred Tag Team match up with a returning Undertaker, teaming up with Reigns to take on Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. This was my favorite match by far!

Why you ask?

Why? Well it was not just the fact that we had diving elbows through tables, coast to coasts, interference and more. Although all of that was brilliantly executed, it was the Undertaker himself that impressed me the most.

Yes we’ve seen the Deadman a few times in recent years and obviously he is semi-retired these days so he only tends to come out of his coffin now and again. But this Tag Team match seemed different, it looked different, it was flowing well, the wrestling was spot on and everyone involved seemed to be on the top of their game.

After watching Taker wrestle for a few minutes, then a few minutes more, then even more. I realized what was different, it was TAKER!

A Legend Reborn!

Undertaker making the match so different, making it special if you will. I was watching it thinking “I have no seen Taker this good in years!”. And it was amazing feeling. To see a true wrestling Legend, move like he was 30 years old again was insane!

How was he doing this?! I mean in the past few years, we’ve all seen Taker come back for Wrestlemania matches and I think most fans would agree, some of his matches looked awful. And it was simply a case of “age” by the Deadman.

“Time waits for no man” as Taker himself would say. But it seems Taker has found a way to reverse the effects of time! This match at Extreme Rules was one of the best wrestling matches I have seen Taker be a part of in years. And yes there were 3 other guys in the match with him but Taker wasn’t shy with his wrestling, he didn’t hold back!

It really did seem like the Legend that is Undertaker has truly been REBORN!

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Author: bigdai86