Why WWE has failed…

It may sound like a bit of a strong word to use but they have, WWE have failed the fans… and there’s not much hope left! 

Why have WWE failed?

In recent weeks WWE’s flagship shows haven’t been the best, Smackdown has been doing “Okay” but without a doubt their main flagship show RAW has been shockingly bad.

Things have been so bad that RAW has hit record breaking low viewership in last month or so getting worse each week!

And we all know something is drastically wrong when WWE announce that Vince McMahon himself is coming to RAW this coming Monday (December 17th 2018).

So… why? Well here’s why…

Why have things got so bad on RAW? A few reasons to be fair but I shall mention just a few here. Firstly, Baron Corbin as GM… why? OH WHY?! Is this this guy the GM?! What did we all do to deserve this bullshit?

Not only is Corbin the worst possible choice for GM but it’s a classic case of WWE writers not knowing what to do with a wrestler under contract and just use him or her in a stupid situation to give them something to do…

Secondly, the booking of WWE matches of late have been tragic. Smackdown has a few feuds happening right now that are decent and enjoyable. But RAW has… well one really… and that is Ambrose vs Rollins.

Everything else going on RAW is stale and boring. The GM situation doesn’t help, you’ve got Finn Balor sitting around doing sweet f-all and the RAW tag team championships are so far gone you might well throw them in the trash, as the value of said titles is now below 0.


The woman’s division on RAW is half decent and Rousey vs Jax for the title is actually something to look forward too. The rest of the division needs work though.

A quick mention about Smackdown

To be fair to the blue brand they haven’t been doing to bad. They have got a few decent storylines going on with both the men and woman. The feuds seem to be building nicely towards there PPV ending matches and things are on the up for the blue brand.

Biggest Reason for the Failure as of late..

For me the biggest failure as of late is the simple fact that RAW hasn’t got a world champion.

Let’s be real here, when is the last time Lesnar appeared and/or wrestled on RAW? It’s a couple of years by my stats! A couple of god-damn years!!

Seriously… I have no idea why WWE would think putting the Universal title back around the waist of Lesnar instead of Strowman was the best thing to do?!

After WWE fans waited so long, for the Universal Championship to return to RAW on a full time basis. They go and put the belt back on the PART TIMER that it came off in the first place… I mean really?!

The old World titles would never have been out around the waist of a part timer. Yes we’ve had part timers win it from time to time but not for long periods of time. They’ve been short bursts that would end within a few weeks. But Lesnar is in another league.

I am confused as to why WWE think it is okay to have the main champion on their flagship show, be a part timer that rarely shows up on the weekly show and then expects the fans to get all excited when the title gets defended at a PPV. It is just wrong.


To conclude, WWE’s failure to deliver a decent weekly flagship show is a failure in itself, let alone all the other things going on with its wrestlers and storylines on RAW. At this point, Smackdown needs to take over as the lead show, as at least they have a FULL TIME WWE CHAMPION!

Here’s to hoping things improve and fast or WWE will start losing fans faster than Kevin Owens lost the title to Goldberg… Peace!

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