They are the Bar!

the bar

Tribute to the Bar!

Over the past year or so we have seen Sheamus and Cesaro evolve into one of the most dominant tag teams on Monday Night RAW!

Since becoming a team, after competing against each other, they have become 5 time RAW Tag Team Champions! That’s 5 times they have kicked another teams ass to win the RAW Tag Titles!

So here’s a small tribute graphic to “The Bar” and for being one of the best RAW Tag Team Champions!!

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Since our inception a couple of weeks back, we have been doing a little measuring our views and followers, just to see what is hitting or not. Well we have been amazed at our results so far, and can only say one thing, “Thank you!”

Today, June the 8th 2017 has been our highest viewing day to date, and we at cannot thank you enough. We are hoping our podcasts will be the main attraction, as this is why we started the site. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for episode 2! Sometime this weekend.

The WELSH BOYS ARE GONNA TAKE OVER PODCAST WORLD. As Dylan Thomas said “Ambition is critical.”

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Big Dave and The Champ.

ICW – 2nd June 2017- Islington, London.

Can I just start by saying my intention is to promote ICW as much as possible. If yer na familiar, I recommend you watch one show from start to finish. To get to where they are now from where they started, is an amazing accomplishment. 

Would I recommend you watch ‘this’ show first, probably not actually. Its not because the crowd was small for this show, (even though it did have an impact on the overall feel.) I wouldn’t because they were on the road, and I feel the best way to start watching ICW is in ‘the Garage’ shows in Glasgow. Available on ICW on demand. It’s £6.99 a month, and you will experience an adult alternative to what is primarily a PG industry, including their PPV’s.

This show was in Islington Assembly Hall. A lovely little music venue that was built in 1929. The crowd wasn’t big, however they gave it their best.

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