Briana Brandy featured on this week’s RAW Underground

Briana Brandy made an appearance on RAW Underground this week. Unfortunately, it was not in a match but she was literally thrown into a role as an interviewer and she did not disappoint.

Shane McMahon approached Braun Strowman during RAW Underground to speak to him as he was set to face Dabba Kato later on in the night. He wanted to have a word with him, but Strowman would yell back at him asking him what he wants because he doesn’t want to talk to him.

McMahon would then hand the microphone over to Brandy who was standing by. She went right into the role asking Strowman, “I think what he is trying to say is that you look pretty pumped up tonight. What can we expect from your match tonight against Dabba Kato?”

Strowman’s response was directed at McMahon as he says that he promises to send all of his guys home to their mommies with a pocket full of teeth. He also called out McMahon saying that he would take him on as well.

Brandy would then finalize the interview saying that they would be right back with more RAW Underground. McMahon then was heard telling her “good job” as the show went back to the RAW ring.

Later on, McMahon tried to have Brandy do the same interview with Dabba Kato but it didn’t pan out.

Brandy was signed with the company in August 2019. She was part of a group that included Santana Garrett, Rita Reis, and Catalina Garcia. Brandy is still listed under the Performance Center roster. She was used for live shows up until March when they were stopped due to the ongoing pandemic. She has yet to make her NXT debut.

What did you think of Briana Brandy making an official appearance on RAW Underground? Discuss this in the comment section below.

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