AJ Styles agrees that he doesn’t need a bodyguard


That large man with him is just his friend. And we all need friends, right?

AJ Styles started hanging out with Akira Tozawa’s biggest ninja/Shane McMahon’s Raw Underground bouncer/7’ 3” former college basketball player Jordan Omogbehin on Raw this past Monday (Oct. 19). Most fans agreed it wasn’t something the Phenomenal One necessarily needed, but a lot of us enjoyed what AJ was doing with it nonetheless.

This, from Styles’ latest Twitch stream, confirms both things – he doesn’t need a bodyguard, and this newest twist to his heel act could be a lot of fun:

“Yes, I have a giant friend! He’s not a bodyguard! I don’t need a bodyguard – AJ Styles can take care of himself, alright?

“Let me explain myself a little bit. I don’t have a bodyguard. AJ Styles does need a bodyguard, but he does need friends. Everybody needs a good friend. And why not have a giant one? Do you know how crazy it’s going to be on the basketball court with my friend? Okay, he doesn’t even have to jump to dunk it. That’s how crazy it’s gonna get. It’s gonna get wacky. Two-on-two, I’m taking everybody down. I’ll be alley-ooping him all day long. It’s like that.”

Continues to work for me. Now bring back analytics guy Joe Park.

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