Your New NXT Woman’s Champion!


I was watching War Games earlier and it was an amazing PPV but I think Ember Moon should really get some massive credit for winning her first NXT Woman’s Title!

Out of the 4 woman that entered the fatal four way match up for the NXT Woman’s Championship, my bet was on Ember Moon to win!

She came so close to winning a few months ago before getting a shoulder injury that set her back several months as regarding a title shot.

But she’s returned strong and has now won the top title for any Woman wrestler in NXT! So well done Ember Moon! I’m sure her title reign shall be long and very exciting in the coming months! Peace!

Wrestling Worldwide Youtube Channel!

We now have a Youtube Channel!

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Since our inception a couple of weeks back, we have been doing a little measuring our views and followers, just to see what is hitting or not. Well we have been amazed at our results so far, and can only say one thing, “Thank you!”

Today, June the 8th 2017 has been our highest viewing day to date, and we at cannot thank you enough. We are hoping our podcasts will be the main attraction, as this is why we started the site. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for episode 2! Sometime this weekend.

The WELSH BOYS ARE GONNA TAKE OVER PODCAST WORLD. As Dylan Thomas said “Ambition is critical.”

Much love,

Big Dave and The Champ.


Hi everyone, just to keep you in the loop. The Microphones are on their way and we are looking to start our weekly podcast soon.

The podcasts will consist of a back and forth conversations about what is on our minds, and what happened in this weeks wrestling shows / news.

Most podcasts these days will give you a play by play on each show, but not here!! We will go back and forth in a adult welsh/UK way. One of the key formats will be I will explain ICW and try to put over IMPACT to Big Dave, and he will keep me up to date in the WWE.

There will be swearing. There will be humour. There will be pizza.

Much love,

The Champ

WWE Live event – Cardiff – REVIEW

I attended the Smack down Live – Cardiff ‘House show’ on 6th May. It was the 3rd time I’ve seen WWE live, and this time around I could definitely sense a much more professional set up. It all felt like a BIG event, almost televised. The huge screen playing the network promos and fan interaction was really good. It was all well lit and the sound was perfect. The only thing I’ll say about house shows is the amount of kids at these things is a bit annoying at times, I mean who are they to enjoy Wrestling right? lol (Please see definition of sarcasm.) Continue reading “WWE Live event – Cardiff – REVIEW”

My first time. – The Champ.

Well, well, well. Here we go!

I am looking forward to writing about what is going on in my mind about Wrestling in the present day. There is a Renaissance right now, finally after what can only be described as a ‘boring, PG, one brand, long drawn out, nightmare period’ in the previous 5/6 years. We struggled with Anonymous Raw GM computers, and weekly guest Raw GMs, with The Miz as the main heel against Yawn Cena for a while. *I struggle to remember.

Continue reading “My first time. – The Champ.”

The launch!!!

Welcome to Wrestling! This website is the newest and greatest wrestling news site to hit the internet to date! It’s the brain-child of creator’s Big Dave and The Champ and we’re going to be bringing you all the latest wrestling news from WWE to ICW to even NJPW, not to mention a weekly podcast show focusing on the highlights of all the major wrestling shows, hottest storylines and general discussion about all things wrestling!! So sit back, tune in and enjoy the ride!! #wrestlingworldwide