WWE Live event – Cardiff – REVIEW

I attended the Smack down Live – Cardiff ‘House show’ on 6th May. It was the 3rd time I’ve seen WWE live, and this time around I could definitely sense a much more professional set up. It all felt like a BIG event, almost televised. The huge screen playing the network promos and fan interaction was really good. It was all well lit and the sound was perfect. The only thing I’ll say about house shows is the amount of kids at these things is a bit annoying at times, I mean who are they to enjoy Wrestling right? lol (Please see definition of sarcasm.) Continue reading “WWE Live event – Cardiff – REVIEW”

My first time. – The Champ.

Well, well, well. Here we go!

I am looking forward to writing about what is going on in my mind about Wrestling in the present day. There is a Renaissance right now, finally after what can only be described as a ‘boring, PG, one brand, long drawn out, nightmare period’ in the previous 5/6 years. We struggled with Anonymous Raw GM computers, and weekly guest Raw GMs, with The Miz as the main heel against Yawn Cena for a while. *I struggle to remember.

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The launch!!!

Welcome to Wrestling Worldwide.uk! This website is the newest and greatest wrestling news site to hit the internet to date! It’s the brain-child of creator’s Big Dave and The Champ and we’re going to be bringing you all the latest wrestling news from WWE to ICW to even NJPW, not to mention a weekly podcast show focusing on the highlights of all the major wrestling shows, hottest storylines and general discussion about all things wrestling!! So sit back, tune in and enjoy the ride!! #wrestlingworldwide