11/10 ROH TV RESULTS: Marty Scurll vs. PCO from Glory By Honor main events another pointless episode of the worst wrestling show on TV

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NOVEMBER 10, 2019

Hosts: Ian Riccaboni, Quinn McKay

Opening theme.

-Recap of Marty Scurll defeating Colt Cabana and PCO defeating Kenny King at Death Before Dishonor in the world title #1 contender tournament. Recap of Dalton Castle defeating Mark Haskins and Jay Lethal defeating PJ Black at Death Before Dishonor: Fallout in the same tournament.

-Riccaboni and McKay checked in.

-Highlights of Angelina Love vs. Kelly Klein from Glory By Honor on October 12. After interference from Mandy Leon, a ref bump, a steel chair, Maria Manic, and a miraculously perfectly-timed recovery from the referee Klein pinned Love in 11:57 to become a three-time Women Of Honor World Champion. [C]

-In first-run footage McKay was backstage with Scurll before his Glory By Honor world title #1 contender tournament semi-final match against Jay Lethal. Scurll made fun of the fact that he’s been in ROH for three years and never held the world title. He said he wasn’t afraid to go through his employee PCO if necessary.

-The hosts talked some more before “Number One” Brian Johnson showed up and stole Riccaboni’s mic. He insulted them both and complained about ROH mistreating him. He also called himself “the mecca” more than once.

-Highlights of The Briscoes vs. Luke & PJ Hawx from GBH. Luke was pinned following a Jay Driller in 12:15.

-In first-run footage McKay was also backstage with Jay Lethal at GBH. This was pre-heel turn so Lethal was nice to her and told Scurll to bring his A-game. [C]

-In first-run footage… you guessed it… McKay was backstage. This time she was with Dalton Castle. He corrected her pronunciation of New Orleans and said he wasn’t scared of PCO.

-Brian Zane got another countdown segment. This time it was his Top 5 Finishers In ROH:

5) Jeff Cobb’s Tour Of The Islands
4) Flip Gordon’s Star-Spangled Stunner
3) Mark Briscoe’s froggy-bow
2) Rush’s The Bull’s Horns
1) Jay Lethal’s Lethal Injection

-The hosts briefly mentioned TK O’Ryan and Vincent Marseglia being found laid out backstage in Las Vegas and wondered who was bankrolling Shane Taylor Promotions.

-A paid advertisement aired for Shane Taylor Promotions. [C]

-In first-run footage McKay was of course backstage and of course with the final world title #1 contender tournament finalist, PCO. She asked what his plan was for his match against Castle. He breathed loudly and staggered off.

-Highlights of Marty Scurll defeating Jay Lethal in a tournament semi-final match at GBH. Lethal tapped to the chicken-wing in 11:31.

-Highlights of PCO defeating Dalton Castle in the other semi-final match also at GBH. A PCOsault gave the monster the win in 12:24. [C]

-The GBH main event aired in its entirety. Riccaboni, Colt Cabana, and Lanny Poffo were on commentary. My original report was as follows…

-PCO and Scurll entered separately for the tournament finals. Scurll addressed PCO and said they knew an all-villain final was inevitable. He didn’t want this to come between them, though. He suggested they not break the rules and let the best man win. PCO shook on it, then Scurll cracked him across the side of the head with his umbrella.


PCO kicked out. Scurll and PCO fought at ringside in front of a swath of empty seats. Scurll gave a fan the middle finger. PCO cleared the timekeeper’s table at 5:00 and lay Scurll across it. He went up top but Scurll cut him off. Scurll threw PCO off the top rope and through the table.

WINNER: PCO in 5:50 via disqualification.

What? It’s not a disqualification? Okay then. PCO got back up and they fought into the ring. Scurll wanted the chicken-wing, PCO tried to back him off into the corner, and we got our second ref bump of the night. Brody King showed up and hit a pump kick (Botox Injection!) to PCO. He pulled Scurll on top for the cover and referee Todd Sinclair miraculously also suddenly was awake to count the pin. PCO kicked out. Scurll knocked King off the apron by accident.

PCO went up top. Scurll and he fought on the ropes. PCO knocked Scurll off and into ref bump #3. Gordon showed up and hit a Kinder Surprise on PCO. Scurll hit PCO with a six-man title belt. Sinclair recovered again and counted another two with PCO kicking out. Suicide dive took out King and Gordon. Choke bomb to Scurll. PCOsault but Scurll kicked out.

Despite all the sympathy on the monster and all the cheating from Scurll the fans were still split with a dueling chant. PCO looked for a cannonball to Scurll on the apron but Scurll moved and PCO crashed and burned. Lariat from Scurll in the ring. Clothesline from PCO. Another PCOsault for the win.

WINNER: PCO in 12:32 to advance to the main event of Final Battle.

(Pageot’s Perspective: In the original post-match Scurll congratulated PCO and Villain Enterprises celebrated together. Leaving that out here would seem to leave the TV viewers hanging with the expectation that PCO has been ousted from the group and the other three are now firmly against him.

Anyway it’s been a month since this first aired and I’m no more excited about Rush vs. PCO in the main event of what has traditionally been ROH’s biggest show of the year. Both men have been booked as tweeners all summer and rely largely on no-selling weapon shots and cycling through their four-move set. I fully expect their Final Battle match to be more of the same with tables and chair shots and most of the action not mattering until we get to the finish. Meanwhile the most popular wrestler in ROH is supposedly finished with the company in three weeks, has no future matches scheduled, but still holds one of the six-man titles. There was no new info on anything related to that this week but hey, we got a Bully Ray match and our 37th street fight of the year announced for the pay-per-view so ROH has their priorities straight.)

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