11/5 NWA POWER TV REPORT: Cabana vs. James Storm, too much crammed haphazardly into an hour takes away charm of pacing of show

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NOVEMBER 5, 2019

Announcers: Jim Cornette, Joe Galli

-The show opened with a video package highlighting Eli Drake’s championship aspirations throughout his time in the NWA. The package ended with the Team Aldis defeating Team Storm on last week’s episode. With that victory, Colt Cabana earned a shot at James Storm and the National Heavyweight title. “Into the Fire” began and the shows intro video played.

-The camera panned the crowd before staying with the announcers. They talked about the card for the evening including the debut of Thunder Rosa and the title match between Storm and Cabana. They threw to Josh Marquez in the interview booth. Marquez introduced Colt Cabana who cut a very brief promo hyping his main event title match later in the show.

-Marquez introduced Arron Stevens and reminded the crowd of the “no eye contact” rule. Stevens called his loss last week to Ricky Starks a fluke. The crowd started a “You got beat!” chant. He said he had requested a rematch with Starks that would be more fitting of NWA’s style but did not announce what it was. Stevens held up a movie script and said he was on the verge of leaving wrestling for Hollywood.

-A commercial featuring Nick Aldis aired for an NWA video game called RetroMania Wrestling.


-The show returned with both teams in the ring. The match started with Zane Dawson and Matthew Mims. The pace quickened before each man tagged their partners. The Dawsons hit a double slam on Kingsley. Zane broke his pinfall attempt before tagging Dave back in. The Dawsons hit another double slam for the victory.

WINNERS: The Dawsons via pinfall

-After the match, Marquez interviewed The Dawsons. Dave said they deserved a title shot before being interrupted by Outlaw Inc. Kingston congratulated The Dawsons on their win last week but challenged them to another match to determine the number one contender for the NWA Tag Team titles. The Dawsons said they would think about the offer and left the interview.

-Joe Galli interviewed Tim Storm in a pre-taped segment. Galli asked what Storm’s career plans were after his recent losses. Storm said he had no regrets but that he had a lot of decisions to make. Galli suggested talking to NWA president William Patrick Corgan about somehow getting back into the Heavyweight title picture. Before Storm could respond, Nick Aldis entered and pulled Storm off camera. Aldis said he would not let Storm walk away from his career and that the NWA was their house.

(Taylor’s Analysis: A partnership between Aldis and Storm is intriguing. Aldis could convince Storm to be his muscle by teasing another shot at the Heavyweight title, only to fail at delivering on the promise.) 


-Both wrestlers were already in the ring and the bell rang. Rosa quickly took control with a headlock before being backed into the ropes. Rosa hit a spinning backbreaker and then punished Vox in the corner. Vox attempted to fight back but was grounded by Rosa. From there, Rosa cinched in a leg scissors before slamming Vox face first in the mat. Vox made a comeback and attempted a submission hold but was countered by Rosa. With Vox on the mat, Rosa hit a double stomp from the top rope for the win.

WINNER: Thunder Rosa via pinfall

-After the match, Rosa continued to attack Vox until Marti Belle entered the ring. Tribal drums played in the background as Rosa and Belle stared each other down.

-A commercial for the NWA Ten Pounds of Gold DVD aired.

– The show returned with Josh Marquez interviewing Belle at ringside. Belle said she didn’t know what Rosa’s intentions were and then turned her attention to NWA Women’s Champion Allysin Kay. Belle said she was insulted that Kay claimed she was not ready for a title shot. Kay interrupted but was quickly attacked by Thunder Rosa. Belle stood at ringside as Rosa attacked Kay. Belle then entered the ring and delivered a kick to Kay’s face. Rosa then signaled for Belle to follow her to the back.

(Taylor’s Analysis: Belle should have been given more time to talk here. She sounded passionate and convincing with what little time she had. Hopefully, the development of Thunder Rosa will not go too far in the supernatural direction. The NWA women’s division needs to establish more solid wrestlers before it establishes characters.) 

-A commercial for an unknown wrestler aired asking “Who is the ? Mark?”

-The show returned with Arron Stevens at the interview booth. Ricky Starks was in the ring and Stevens announced the match stipulation as 2 out of 3 falls.

(3) AARON STEVENS vs. RICKY STARKS – Two-out-of-Three Falls match

Stevens attempted to attack Starks in the corner but starks countered and rolled him up for the first fall.

WINNER OF THE FIRST FALL: Ricky Starks via pinfall

Stevens stood outside the ring in disbelief. He returned to the ring and the bell rang again. Starks attempted another roll up but only got a two count. Starks hit a dropkick and then chopped Stevens in the corner. Stevens then poked Starks in the eye behind the referee’s back. From there, Stevens hit a suplex before cinching in a headlock. Starks broke the hold and the pace quickened. Starks hit a DDT for a two count. Stevens dodged a dropkick from the top rope and tried to perform a curtsey. Starks interrupted Stevens with a roll-up for the win.

WINNER OF THE SECOND FALL: Ricky Starks via pinfall

(Taylor’s Analysis: The 2 out of 3 falls stipulation was wasted here. This stipulation should be saved for a high-stakes situation. Starks getting the first fall so quickly was eye-rolling and the whole match felt inconsequential.)   

-A commercial featuring Nick Aldis aired for an NWA video game called RetroMania Wrestling.


Cabana made his entrance followed by Storm. Formal ring introductions took place and the bell rang. Both men locked up and traded offense. Cabana taunted Storm before cinching in an armbar. Cabana attempted to scale the ropes, but Storm countered with a DDT from the second rope for a two count. Storm targeted Cabana’s leg but Cabana made a comeback. After several strikes, Cabana hit a flying head scissors. Storm countered by snapping Cabana’s neck of the top rope and then hit a flying elbow drop for a two count. From there, Storm propped Cabana on the top rope but was knocked to the mat. Cabana then hit a modified splash for a two count. The crowd started a “Colt Cabana!” chant. Both men traded strikes before Storm hit a backstabber for a two count. Storm hit the eye of the storm for a two count. Eli Drake argued with the referee and then attacked Ken Anderson. Kamille made her way to the ring and shoved down Drake. With Storm distracted by the altercation at ringside, Cabana hit a Superman pin for the win.


(Taylor’s Analysis: The match itself was fine, but the ending felt convoluted. This seems to be leading to James Storm challenging Aldis for the Heavyweight title, as he will likely have an issue with Kamille’s appearance during this match. Storm losing clean and then earning a title shot through a series of wins would have been a better approach.) 

-After the match, The Dawsons returned to the interview booth and accepted Kingston and Homicide’s challenge. They made their way to the ring and were attacked by Kingston and Homicide as the referee rang the bell.

(5) THE DAWSONS vs. OUTLAW INC. – No. 1 Contendership match

-All four men brawled in the ring. The Dawsons double-teamed Kingston as Dave Dawson and Kingston were dubbed the legal men. The Dawsons kept control with frequent tags before hitting a double suplex. Homicide broke up the pinfall attempt as the crowd tried to rally behind Kingston. Kingston created separation and tagged in Homicide. From there, Homicide splashed both Dawsons in the corner. The Wild Cards made their way to the ring and tried to interfere in the match. The Rock and Roll Express ran to the ring and beat down The Wild Cards. Back in the ring, Homicide hit the gringo cutter on Zane Dawson for the win. Outlaw Inc. and the Rock and Roll Express celebrated as the show ended.

WINNERS: Outlaw Inc via pinfall

(Taylor’s Analysis: The addition of this match added spontaneity to the show, and the appearance of the Rock and Roll Express was an exciting surprise for the live crowd. The multiple run-ins felt too similar to the ending of the previous match, however.) 

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was the most chaotic and unfocused episode of Power so far. There seemed to be an attempt to feature as many wrestlers within the hour as possible, which was a net negative for the show. Cramming that many wrestlers into such a short time frame goes against the charm of the hour-long, studio format. An enjoyable watch, but it lacked the concise, effective storytelling of weeks previous.

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