Carmella is revealed as the mystery woman on SmackDown

Carmella is back on SmackDown and she has returned with a message.

Over the past number of weeks, there have been several vignettes hiding the identity of a woman on the blue brand. At first, there was very little to gather information on who this mystery woman could be. We only saw her in her high heels at first and the bottom of a fur jacket.

However, by the second vignette, WWE had let more details then they wanted to show out on who this could be. In this next video, it was easy to spot Carmella’s tattoo on her arm.

Although most fans figured it out by this point, a few more videos were shown over the course of the next few SmackDown’s. The last one airing last week where we saw the mysterious blonde write “Untouchable” with lipstick on her mirror.

Now this week any question of mystery was gone, as Carmella appeared.

The last vignette aired on tonight’s SmackDown and it showed photos of Carmella’s most recent moments. Most importantly showing her time with R-Truth as they did their dance breaks and chase for the 24/7 Championship. She admits that she got a little lost during that time.

Now she is back, and she says she is better than each and everyone and she declares that she is not anyone’s princess anymore. She concludes by saying it doesn’t matter if she ends up on SmackDown or RAW as a result of the Draft next week. Regardless, she says she is “Untouchable” unless she doesn’t want to be.

Although this was far from a surprise, what do you make of Carmella returning? Do you want to see her stay on SmackDown or move to RAW? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!!

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