WWE celebrates 30 years of Undertaker with ‘30 Days of the Dead Man’


WWE Network generated a lot of buzz with their docuseries Undertaker: The Last Ride earlier this year, and Survivor Series is when the company will mark 30 years since Taker’s debut at the 1990 version of their annual November PPV.

Sounds like good reasons to program a whole month worth of Sundays dedicated to the Dead Man.

From Oct. 25 (Hell in a Cell) until Nov. 22 (Survivor Series 2020), that’s exactly what they’ll do. Each week will bring a new Phenom-themed special, culminating with Mark Calaway’s second sitdown with Steve Austin on The Broken Skull Sessions.

Stone Cold will also feature prominently in at least one other program, Nov. 1’s Meeting Mark Calaway, as stars from across the years talk about the first time they met the man behind the gimmick. If you’re like me and enjoy listening to wrestlers tell stories, you’ll want to add that to the old watchlist.

Who am I kidding? I’ll watch all these at some point.

Here’s the full rundown from WWE, as provided to Variety:

WWE Untold: The Phenom and The Legend Killer
Sun., Oct. 25

Learn the incredible true story of The Undertaker and Randy Orton’s epic rivalry from 2005, as told by The Phenom and The Legend Killer themselves. The Undertaker and Orton discuss their classic series of matches and recall the lessons they took away from their nearly yearlong rivalry, from nearly getting set on fire and how to start and crash a lowrider, to learning the rights and wrongs of the sports-entertainment business. Interviews with Undertaker, Randy Orton, Cowboy Bob Orton Jr., Bruce Prichard and more.

Meeting Mark Calaway
Sun., Nov. 1

Awe. Intimidation. Fear. No figure looms as large in WWE lore or commands more respect than The Undertaker — a fact all other Superstars acknowledge. But what is it like to meet the man behind The Deadman? Superstars from past and present — including “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton — remember their first introduction to Mark Calaway, better known to the WWE Universe as the one and only Undertaker.

The Mortician: The Story of Paul Bearer
Sun., Nov. 8

With his ghoulish appearance and signature cry of “Ooooh, yesssss,” Hall of Famer Paul Bearer, The Undertaker’s longtime manager, stands out as one of the most unique characters in sports-entertainment history, but the man who portrayed Paul Bearer is every bit as fascinating. This is the story of William Moody, the real-life mortician who combined his background in mortuary science with his passion for wrestling to create one of WWE’s most enduring personalities.

Brothers of Destruction
Sun., Nov. 15

Two eternal legends. One epic story. For the first time ever, The Undertaker and Kane sit down for a candid discussion about their storied careers, which have been intertwined since The Big Red Machine was introduced as The Undertaker’s long-lost brother in 1997. From their fierce battles against one another, to their indestructible alliance as tag team partners, Brothers of Destruction covers The Undertaker and Kane’s bond as never before. (Premiering at Austin Film Festival on Oct. 29)

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions: The Undertaker
Sun., Nov. 22

After his groundbreaking appearance on the very first episode of The Broken Skull Sessions, The Undertaker returns for a second round of no-holds-barred conversation with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The Deadman and The Texas Rattlesnake cover even more ground on this all-new episode, which premieres 30 years to the day of The Undertaker’s arrival in WWE.

We’re also told to “look for unique Undertaker content throughout the month across all of WWE’s digital and social platforms.”


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