Bálor & Holland’s real-life injuries overshadow NXT’s kayfabe ones

Finn Balor’s Twitter

For the second week in a row, the all-too-real injuries NXT wrestlers are dealing with dominate Matt Camp’s Injury Report video. He adds a couple worked ones onto the end, but the bulk of the effort in the edition coming out of the Oct. 14 episode still focuses on the surgeries of the men on the two shows from Oct. 4 & 7.

There’s not much new to report. What Camp tells us about Finn Bálor is the same as what we heard from McKenzie Mitchell on the broadcast – the NXT champ had surgery on his broken jaw, and how quickly he recovers will determine what the brand does with his belt.

As for Ridge Holland’s devastating ankle break and patella tendon rupture… he’s likewise had surgery, but no one is even pretending his recovery will be quick.

The other two issues advance angles from television, but thankfully aren’t anything but storytelling tools to give babyfaces something to overcome.

Here’s the full report, and a list of what it covers:

  • Finn Balor: jaw surgery successful
  • Ridge Holland: left ankle and right knee surgery successful, began in-patient rehab
  • Damian Priest: suffering from back spasms
  • Drake Maverick: strained neck muscles

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