Even though AJ Styles doesn’t need a heater, this is great

AJ Styles’ Twitter

WWE debuted Jordan Omogbehin, former collegiate basketball player, former ninja, and former Raw Underground bouncer, as a bodyguard for AJ Styles on Raw last night (Oct. 19).

All it took was a clenched fist from the 7’ 3” Omogbehin to send Matt Riddle scurrying right into an enziguri and Styles Clash, so the partnership is already paying dividends for the Phenomenal One.

But why does a two-time WWE champ and future Hall of Famer need back-up? Even at 43 years old, Styles is still on most people’s short list of best wrestlers in the world. This seems like something a guy like Miz, or Baron Corbin could use, but AJ Styles?

It may not be necessary for AJ to play a chicken$#!+ heel. But he’s great at it, so why not? He definitely nailed this post-show interview, where Sarah Schrieber tries and mostly fails to find out about his new “friend”:

“There’s a lot things he doesn’t like that I’m not gonna tell you about. Could be a problem for a lot of people around here.”

I’m on board. You?

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