Jim Ross really wants you to know that athletic big men sell tickets

The first round of AEW’s World Title Eliminator Tournament is in the books.

Rey Fenix and Kenny Omega advanced on the left side of the bracket.

The right side of the bracket featured Jungle Boy vs. Wardlow, as well as Hangman Page vs. Colt Cabana.

The show kicked off with Wardlow’s match against Jungle Boy. This was a case where the smaller guy just couldn’t find an answer for the big man’s power.

While Wardlow was being highlighted, AEW commentator Jim Ross, who is a long-time advocate of noted athletic big man Jake Hager, made sure to tell the audience multiple times that athletic big men sell tickets. I’d like to respond to that claim by acknowledging that athletic small men also sell tickets. Athletic medium sized men are known to sell tickets too. Athletic women are also pretty good at selling tickets.

Anyway, this particular athletic big man definitively finished Boy off with multiple F-10’s.

Page and Cabana faced off in the final match of the first round. There isn’t much to say here other than Page won, as expected. He and Omega are both alive and could very well meet up in the finals at Full Gear.

But before that can happen, Page will need to find a way to get by an athletic big man on next week’s (Oct. 28) episode of Dynamite.

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