SmackDown has better champions than Raw, and it’s not close

WWE on FOX inspiring this post:

This is more in reference to kayfabe and the brand vs. brand nature of the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view next month but it’s a fun exercise to compare the two brands titleholders overall. To my eyes, Friday Night SmackDown comes out way ahead of Monday Night Raw.

Roman Reigns has been doing arguably the best work of his career since returning to television with this new heel character. It helps that everything he’s done has been so storyline driven and less about delivering matches typical of modern wrestling. Randy Orton has been doing great work himself, sure, but nowhere near Roman’s level.

Asuka is suffering a bit here from the lack of any kind of compelling challengers, but even if she weren’t I can’t imagine putting her over Sasha Banks, especially coming off that match at Hell in a Cell.

Sami Zayn is yet another hugely compelling character who can also work great matches with just about anyone. Bobby Lashley is, well, he’s fine. He’s just not Sami Zayn.

SmackDown is far ahead as far as individual title holders but when it comes to the tag champs, it’s much more of a toss up. For my money, I’m leaning New Day, mostly because I’m not fully sold on the Street Profits particular brand of comedy in the way I enjoy Kingston & Woods, but you could really go either way here.

That’s just my opinion, of course. If you disagree, you know where to tell me about it.

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