Winners & Losers: NXT 04.22.20

Winners & Losers: NXT 04.22

A common thread on NXT this week was that there are many women gunning for the NXT Women’s Championship. Mia Yim, Chelsea Green, Io Shirai, and Candice LeRae all seem to have their eye fixed on the top of the division and gold in their future. Before we unpack this, let’s get to the two matches that took place.

The first match was the advertised tag team match between Shotzi Blackheart & Tegan Nox taking on Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai. Gonzalez was looking for some revenge as she fell to Nox last week after Blackheart made her way to ringside and caused the distraction.

It was a solid match between the four women and it seemed to highlight Blackheart and Gonzalez when normally it would focus on Nox and Kai. Although Blackheart was the fire of the match, Gonzalez was able to pick up her win and redemption with a one armed power bomb.

The second match was Mia Yim vs. Jessi Kamea. Kamea, who is predominately touring on live shows (which obviously aren’t happening right now), makes a rare but refreshing appearance on television. The match was a nice showing for Kamea, but she wasn’t able to capitalize with some unique moves as Yim picks up the win with the STO and a knee to the face.

This match led into an encounter between Yim and NXT Women’s Champion – Charlotte Flair. Flair has stated that she is ready to take on Yim as her first match on NXT since winning the title at WrestleMania against Rhea Ripley. She just needed an acceptance from Yim.

Yim says that in the last five years she was able to see Flair grow into The Queen she is now and as for herself she has grown into the HBIC. She then accepted Flair’s challenge stating she would be honor to get in the ring with her. The response to that was that Yim has “always been a good hand” and that next week the champ will finally get to make Yim one too. Next week the two clash in a non title match.

Earlier I stated that several women are wanting to climb the ladder towards the championship. Mia Yim has already been discussed, but we also have Io Shirai who will be facing Flair next. Another promo video was shown for Shirai.

Speaking of promos we received one for two other women and that is Chelsea Green and the new side of Candice LeRae. Green was seen poolside during a photo shoot with Robert Stone instructing her. Stone stated that Green was moments from becoming the number one contender when Shirai won that chance just a few weeks ago in a ladder match. Stone and Green agree that she is the face of the women’s division and she will push the Robert Stone Brand to the top of the division and become champion.

As for LeRae, she showed the true side of her heel turn with her husband as they sat down for dinner. The promo started with Johnny Gargano speaking on behalf of him and LeRae that they essentially give and give then never get anything in return from others. She shared the same sentiment and agreed she was always “second to eat” when she has helped out many women in the NXT locker room. After helping them it has caused her to get nowhere as they were never there to help her when she needs it.

Gargano declares that they both are going to become the first married couple to reign supreme in NXT as they both will become champions.

The last woman to talk about from tonight’s show is Scarlett Bordeaux. Although she wasn’t physically there, she did the voiceover for another vignette that focused on Karrion Kross’ attack on Tommaso Ciampa from last week. You can view this below.

Let’s get to the Winners & Losers of the week.

WINNER: Shotzi Blackheart

Shotzi showed out in the tag team match. Although she took the pin, personally to me she was the most entertaining part of it. It is clear that she is being favored and moving her career in the right direction. When she loses matches she is still viewed as strong based off her performance.

She eliminated Shayna Baszler in the Battle Royal in January. She defeated every woman in the Second Chance Gauntlet match before losing in the end to Dakota Kai. It appears she just hasn’t won a “big one” yet, but the road is paved.

WINNER: Candice LeRae

This promo with Gargano was great for me. I am personally a huge Candice fan and have been since her day in the indies. It frustrated me when she first came to NXT because she was placed by her husband’s side, not wrestling much, and was just seen as Mrs. Gargano. Once they broke her away from him she has proven how great she really is in the ring. This time with them paired together it seems different. It shows that she is equal to him and not just his wife. I am very interested where this heel turn takes her. Hopefully to the title.

LOSER: Io Shirai

I am not sure if there is something that is holding Io back from appearing in person or not, but she seems like an afterthought. She is the next woman to go after Charlotte so I expect more than just a couple of promos from her. It also seems like they are overlooking her and speaking WAY more about Mia for whatever reason.

At this point I kind of wish she wasn’t the next challenger for the title because it doesn’t seem like she even has a chance to win. I am excited to see them face each other, but the outcome is far from a surprise at this point. Maybe it is just me?

What did you think of this week’s NXT? Who were your Winners & Losers of this week? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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