3/10 NWA CIRCLE SQUARED TV REPORT: George South vs. Colby Corino, Freya the Slaya vs. Dani Jordyn, Crockett Cup tag teams announced including Wild Card details

3/10 NWA CIRCLE SQUARED TV REPORT: George South vs. Colby Corino, Freya the Slaya vs

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MARCH 10, 2020

Announcers: Stu Bennett, Kyle Davis

-The show opened highlights from the last episode of Circle Squared. Fans were shown reacting to the debuting tag teams. After, Sean Mooney said there would be updates to the Crockett Cup on next week’s episode. He said next week’s episode would be called “Super Power” with the main event of Nick Aldis and Tom Latimer vs. Marty Scull and Jeff Cobb. He threw to the studio and Kyle Davis.

-In the interview booth, Davis introduced Colby Corino. Corino said he grew up with a wrestling ring in his back yard. Corino said his dad, Steve Corino, was a former NWA champion and this felt like his destiny. He said he had a family back home and everything he did, he did for his son. He got choked up and said he wanted his dad to be proud of him. Corino pumped himself up before walking to the ring.

-Davis introduced George South. Davis said he had made a name for himself and bad-mouthed the NWA audience. He said he’d been wrestling for 41 years, but he never got a chance in the NWA. He turned his attention to Corino. He said the night Steven Corino fought Dusty Rhodes, he asked him to hold his son. South said he in order to get into the NWA, he had to beat one of his own.

-NWA wrestlers such as Eli Drake and Allysin Kay were shown talking about each of the promos they just watched.

-Vignettes for both Corino and South aired. Corino said at 19, he almost died by overdosing on heroin. He said he had worked the last four years to stay clean. South said he loved Corino, but he wasn’t there to lose.

-Back in the studio, South was shown entering the ring.


The bell rang, and Corino cinched in a headlock. He knocked South to the mat. South stood and cinched in a headlock. South hit a back suplex and cinched in a claw hold on Corino’s head. Corino broke the hold and the pace quickened. From there, South hit a butterfly suplex and cinched in the claw again. Eventually, Corino broke free and rolled South up for the win. After the match, South refused to shake Corino’s hand. Both men entered the interview booth. Davis asked the audience to judge each wrestler. The fans booed South and Cheered Corino.

WINNER: Colby Corino via pinfall

-Joe Galli talked about the Crockett Cup. He ran down the details of the main event between Nick Aldis and Marty Scurll. He said Aron Stevens would defend the National Heavyweight title against Trevor Murdoch. Galli said Thunder Rosa’s challenger would be determined in two weeks on Power.

-Galli announced the following teams for the Crockett Cup: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, Flip Gordon and Brody King, Rey Horus and Flamita, and Tom Latimer and Royce Issacs. Galli said there would be a wild card team, and it would be determined by a gauntlet battle royal. He said the first three entrants would be Tim Storm, Ricky Starks, and Zicky Dice.

-Back in the studio, Dave Marquez introduced the next participants. Freya The Slaya walked out. She said she was from Alaska and that was uncharted territory. She said she was used to -40-degree weather and learned to survive her elements.

-Marquez introduced Dani Jordyn and called herself “the real mean girl.” Jordyn threw her “burn book” on the podium and said she had an entry for Freya. She asked Freya if she rode her Moose to the studio. Jordyn walked to the ring.

-Vignettes for Freya and Jordyn aired. Freya said she had to drive six hours to train and therefore, bought her own wrestling ring and set it up in her back yard. Jordyn said nothing would make her happier than to return to the NWA.


-The bell rang, and the commentators pointed out the size difference with Jordyn being the much smaller of the two. Freya tossed Jordyn across the ring. From there, Freya hit power slam for a two count. Jordyn evaded a charging Freya and attacked her leg. Freya hit a running clothesline followed by a running boot. From there, Freya missed a leg drop. Jordyn hit a basement dropkick for a two count. From there, both women stood, and Freya hit a modified pile driver for the win. After the match, Marquez asked what the audience thought of each wrestler. Each woman got a positive reaction from the crowd as the show ended.

WINNER: Freya the Slaya via pinfall.

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