Looks like Mia Yim & Mercedes Martinez have their RETRIBUTION names

Reckoning’s Twitter

We’ve heard about a discarded name for one of the women of RETRIBUTION. My guy Cain A. Knight brainstormed a whole list of gut-busting suggestions of what to call T-Bar, Slapjack & Mace’s anarchist pals (except for #19… no one would buy a WWE Superstar with that name).

Sadly, the reality isn’t as much fun as either. I’m legitimately bummed Mia Yim and Mercedes Martinez won’t be “Tupperwarez” and “Litter B.” – but as some old Brits will start singing again as soon as there’s a vaccine, you can’t always get what you want.

PWInsider had the news first, reporting that Yim will be “Reckoning” while Martinez goes by “Retaliation”.

Mia seems to be keeping her own Twitter account active (probably for the reasons I wrote about earlier this week), but there is a Reckoning account for her new gimmick. T-Bar follows it, so what are you waiting on?

It’s pretty fun, too!

Mercedes personal account is still going too, and tweeting NXT-related stuff as recently as yesterday. There’s no Retaliation Twitter yet, but it’s probably just a matter of time. Fightful has a recent WWE trademark filing which includes that moniker along with the four currently confirmed ones.

Thoughts on Retaliation and Reckoning joining the RETRIBUTION party?

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