RETRIBUTION needs more than a strong Twitter game

Slapjack’s Twitter

Over the past week, the members of RETRIBUTION have been on social media working to spin their widely ridiculed reveal on the Sept. 21 episode of Raw.

Aside from T-Bar telling fans to “not overthink” WWE’s weird and dumb decision to announce the anarchist groups were signed to contracts (a comment I can forgive in this case, since Dominik Dijakovic’s new character is a heel), those efforts have been great!

T-Bar has a smart, Young Bucks-esque way of appealing to the very online wrestling fans:

Reckoning will cut a b****…

Then wink at ya from her other account:

Mace might be my favorite. He’s just weird…

And there’s a heart beating under that scary mask:

Slapjack isn’t as active, but my man’s name is Slapjack… you gonna tell him what to do? He will open up Photoshop and drop a meme on ya, though:

It’s led to a line of thinking that Twitter game is going to turn RETRIBUTION into a success.

It’s certainly earned them a considerable amount of goodwill they wouldn’t have had otherwise. But if Raw features more head-scratching storytelling choices tonight (Sept. 28), and the group continues to fail to get the upper-hand in their battles with the brand’s established players, they’re going to have to start climbing the internet mountain again tomorrow morning.

So shine on, you crazy Twitter diamonds. RETRIBUTION is more than carrying their share of the load from Tuesday to Sunday. But WWE is going to need to support their strong work with some better writing and booking on television, or the Corre & #August1Warning jokes might be more than just jokes.

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