Jordynne Grace will compete for the X-Division Title at Bound for Glory

Jordynne Grace will be challenging for another championship reign at Bound for Glory. This time it will not be for the Knockouts Championship. She will be included in a Six-person scramble match for the X-Division Championship. This was officially announced on this week’s IMPACT by Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore.

She will be facing the current champion Rohit Raju along with Chris Bey, Trey Miguel, Willie Mack, and TJP. Raju became champion at Emergence in August as he dethroned Bey who had a short reign of only 27-days.

This match came to fruition after a confusing ending to the “Defeat Rohit” challenge. Mack came out to the challenge first. Mack defeated Raju at Victory Road but only by count-out which means that Raju retained the title. Raju would tell him that he has had his opportunity and it is now gone. As he motions Mack to leave the ringside area, Jordynne Grace’s music hits.

Raju was reluctant on facing Grace and wanted no part of it. This ended up being a tug of war match with the X-Division belt between Raju and Mack who was still at ringside. This was enough of a distraction for Grace to take advantage as she pins Raju in a matter of seconds. She then put the title around her waist and was celebrating with what she thought was her victory as Mack raised her hand.

The official then took a moment to discuss this with the ring announcer. The ring announcer then clarified that the match that Grace just won was never for the X-Division Title!! So Grace did win the match but not the title. Raju would then take to the mic and patronize Grace saying what a hard-fought victory she just accomplished.

Grace will get her chance at the title in the Six-person scramble match at Bound for Glory. The event takes place on Oct. 24.

In addition to this match, the Knockouts Title match will be on the line at Deonna Purrazzo defends her championship against Kylie Rae.

What do you think of Grace going for the X-Division Title? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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