Lana is trying her heart out, she really is

Earlier today, my main man Manolo passed along Lana’s training methods for her upcoming Raw women’s championship match against Asuka on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. The champ has been responding to everything Lana has done over the past few days with laughter.

Quite literally. She’s just laughing at her, which is the general feeling amongst fans regarding this match. Let’s be real: there’s little chance Lana is even taken seriously at any point during the match. The idea of her having a shot at winning is downright preposterous.

It makes sense, then, that Asuka would just laugh at her.

The reason I’m writing up a second post about this is because, well, I’ll be damned if Lana is trying her absolute best here:

That doesn’t change the fact that the outcome of this match isn’t in doubt, but it absolutely shows Lana will go as far as she can with what she’s given to work with.

Asuka’s response:

We may have something here, folks.

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