Young Bucks vs. FTR will finally happen, unless Matt Jackson’s leg is broken

The main event of tonight’s (Oct. 21) episode of Dynamite was a four way tag team match, with the winning team earning a championship match against FTR at Full Gear.

The whole thing seemed like a setup for the Young Bucks to finally get that dream match against FTR on pay-per-view. And that’s exactly what happened, with the Bucks rolling up Private Party for the winning fall.

But the Bucks were attacked and injured by FTR after the match. Tully Blanchard helped Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood shatter the leg of Matt Jackson with a chair, leading the commentators to wonder if Matt Jackson’s leg is broken.

So, this angle is either creating an excuse for the Bucks when they lose at Full Gear, or it’s a way to keep fans waiting even longer for this dream match.

Considering that the Young Bucks have been obnoxious douchebags lately, unleashing unwarranted superkicks on innocent people at will, I’m not so sure that this leg injury will evoke too many sympathetic emotions ahead of the match. Maybe it is best to wait even longer for the actual match between FTR and the Young Bucks, because this storyline just isn’t cutting it right now.

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