Kairi Sane’s first job for WWE Japan

Kairi Sane’s Twitter

Even when she was wrapping up her run with the company in the United States, WWE and Kairi Sane made it pretty clear their relationship wasn’t over.

There remains speculation about what he long-term role could be in her home country. And considering the rumors are that she could wrestle when WWE tours Japan, and/or work as a trainer for a future NXT branch in the Asian-Pacific, we’ll likely have to wait until there’s a widely available COVID-19 vaccine before we get definitive answers.

But we know she’s checked out the WWE Japan offices…

That’s where Sane presumably filmed this spot, telling us what she’ll be doing this weekend – providing guest commentary for the Japanese broadcast of Oct. 25’s Hell in a Cell PPV.

For most of us here in the U.S., if we see any of this, it’ll be with a quick shot of her in a studio somewhere during the roll call of non-English announce teams.

But it’s something to tide Pirate Princess fans over.

Now get Asuka a match on the card, ye scurvy dogs.

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