Call Your Shot Gauntlet reportedly changed due to Heath injury

Heath Slater

Heath finally earned a contract with Impact Wrestling in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet last night at Bound for Glory. His big evening was supposed to be even bigger if not for a painful injury to his midsection during the match.

Heath entered the 20-wrestler gauntlet late and was looking to clean house. He started moving awkwardly after hitting a high knee.

A short while later, Heath had trouble moving functionally in a fisticuffs exchange with James Storm. Heath went on to be eliminated by Sami Callihan and was immediately checked out by ringside staff. It seems that was not supposed to be the original plan. is reporting that Heath had been penciled in to win the gauntlet, but plans changed on the fly due to his injury.

Instead, Rhino took control and won the match. Luckily for Impact, the story stipulation played perfectly into Heath’s injury. Either Heath or Rhino needed to win to secure Heath’s new contract. Unfortunately for Heath, winning the gauntlet would have given him an opportunity at any title of his choosing. He could have cashed in for the Impact World Championship in an attempt to fulfill the 3MB prophecy.

It is believed that Heath suffered a groin or abdomen tear, but there has been no official confirmation yet. Heath posted a short statement after the match.

Best of luck to Heath on his recovery. At least Heath’s new contract can buy a swimming pool for his kids as he heals up.

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