Drew Gulak vs. Little Jimmy is the feud we all need right now

Drew Gulak’s Twitter

Real world got you down?

Can I interest you in a rivalry between Drew Gulak, a true disciple of Daniel Bryan in that technical wrestling is just one tool in his “total entertainer” toolkit, and Little Jimmy, R-Truth’s imaginary child friend?

It heated up last night on the Hell in a Cell Kickoff, when Gulak lured Jimmy in for a punt. My personal highlight of this clip is Samoa Joe yelling “STRANGER DANGER!”

In the wake of his loss to Truth in the 24/7 title match that followed, Gulak isn’t letting up online…

He’s even promising to inflict more damage on Small James in the future!

And look, if that doesn’t do anything for you, the match between Gulak and Truth was pretty good, too! Whether he’s channeling his childhood hero John Cena or not, Ron Killings is the total package of laughs and work rate, too.

Don’t sleep on either of the Philadelphia Stretcher’s current feuds, is what I’m saying.

We’ll see if they continue on Raw tonight.

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