Drew McIntyre stabbed Randy Orton in the eye with a pen last night

WWE’s YouTube

It was another abrupt, chaotic ending to Monday Night Raw on Oct. 26, and we’re not just talking about what looked like an alliance between Drew McIntyre and The Fiend.

The USA Network broadcast here in the States ended with WWE champ Randy Orton suplexing McIntyre onto the announce desk. But the Canadian feed on Sportsnet360 continued. They still got a “we’re out of time!” fade out on Randy & Drew’s brawl, but their final shot was of the Scot turning the tide, grabbing a pen on the desk, and using it to gouge Orton’s eye.

Seems that was supposed to be in the U.S. version, too, since it’s included in the YouTube clip of the segment WWE uploaded last night. This should be cued up to the end of what those of us south of the border saw live

Is that going to be important, or was it just some improvisation that won’t be followed up on?

A fourth Orton/McIntyre bout would merit an “extreme” stipulation… Eye For An Eye match anyone?

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