Grade the Fiend-ish remix of Alexa Bliss’ theme song

WWE & Alexa Bliss have been changing up a lot of different elements of her presentation now that she’s officially allied with Bray Wyatt. For the main event segment of the Oct. 26 edition of Monday Night Raw, we heard this newest wrinkle… a darker version of her “Spiteful” theme song.

It’s just a few seconds, with both the ring announcer & the host of “A Moment of Bliss” talking over it, but you get the idea. Put it together with Alexa’s dreadlocked pigtail extensions and Harley Quinn, Freddy Krueger & Chucky-inspired outfits, it seems fitting way to introduce the newest member of the Firefly Fun House gang, and harbinger of The Fiend.

How fitting, though? You tell us.

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