CM Punk is lucky this never happened to him in UFC

Folks, I don’t know much about the worlds of boxing and mixed martial arts. So when I tuned in to last night’s fight between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr., I had no clue that former NBA star Nate Robinson was fighting right before the main event. It was apparently his first bout, and it was horrifying to watch him get knocked out so viciously by Jake Paul.

Snoop Dogg and former WWE commentator Mauro Ranallo were on hand for the call, of course. Snoop Dogg in particular put on a hell of a show at the commentary table every time Nate Robinson was knocked down to the mat:

Holy crap, this was a terrifying and brutal beating that Robinson endured. As I was watching Robinson get up to his feet each time, knowing he was only going to take an even more dangerous blow in a matter of seconds, it made me realize how lucky CM Punk is that he didn’t suffer even worse injuries across his two UFC fights. Yes, Punk was quickly mauled and tapped out by Mickey Gall, and then Mike Jackson toyed with Punk for the duration of their fight. Punk never stood a chance, and clearly didn’t belong in the UFC octagon. But there was never a moment in Punk’s fights where I was worried for his well-being quite like I was while watching Nate Robinson falling face first to the mat over and over again. Maybe some of that is just me being ignorant to the subtleties of MMA fights.

I know CM Punk doesn’t believe in luck, but it does exist. As a math person, I equate luck with randomness. And considering how outclassed Punk was at the UFC level, there are definitely scenarios where his fights could have had much scarier endings. Just look at what happened to Nate Robinson here.

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