Bianca Belair is a Paul Heyman gal

The video embedded above is from this weekend’s episode of Talking Smack, where Paul Heyman stepped in for co-hosting duties. Bianca Belair stopped by for a chat about her match with Natalya and conflict with Bayley that occurred on the Nov. 27 episode of SmackDown.

Towards the end of the clip, Heyman tells Belair straight to her face that she is the future of the women’s division in WWE. He even mocks the word “future” as an overused compliment for wrestlers that rings hollow in too many cases. But he assures everyone that in the case of Bianca Belair, she is indeed the future. Her talents are too immense to deny, and he is simply in awe of what she brings to the world of professional wrestling. He also slips in a compliment for Belair’s husband, Montez Ford, who we know from previous accounts is also someone who Heyman has a very high opinion of.

No matter what one thinks of Paul Heyman as a person, he’s always had a great eye for talent. And it’s hard to argue with him on this one. Will Bianca Belair prove that he’s right?

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